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Chapter 94 – This Young Master Will Make All of Your Accusations True! (4)

Zhou Ji also started to charge towards Ji Fengyan who was the main force behind all of this at the first instant.

A pity though…

Everything was already too late.

Yang Jian's figure was like a demonic ghost, n.o.body off to the side could see it clearly. The only thing that could be seen was a constantly flas.h.i.+ng afterimage in midair.

All of those released arrows were cut down the instant that they were fire, not even one could get close to Ji Fengyan in the slightest.

At this instant, blood began to fly and splash as cry after cry of bloodcurdling screams rang out in everybody's ears. Lei Xu could only helplessly watch as those soldiers that he brought along with him were killed by that unmatched figure without the least bit of chance to retaliate.

The thick scent of blood filled Lei Xu's nose, almost as if the death G.o.d's scythe had hooked onto his neck, causing him to be unable to breath.

"Zhou Ji! Quickly, Zhou Ji!"

At this moment, Lei Xu could only place all of his hopes onto Zhou Ji.

It could be said that Zhou Ji's strength was at the top in Ji City, and it was only him that could save everything now.

Zhou Ji was constantly sweating as he shot forward like an arrow towards Ji Fengyan who had yet to move.

"My lady!" Ling He screamed in fright. He lifted up his sword, wanting to charge forward.


The heavy sword in Zhou Ji's hands had already been lifted high up as it solidly struck towards Ji Fengyan's head!

However, Ji Fengyan still didn't move as she stood in place. The depths of Zhou Ji's eyes flashed brightly as his antic.i.p.ation caused a trace of delight to curl his lips.



That heavy sword's solid strike basically didn't even hit Ji Fengyan's head, instead when it was several centimetres away, it was "lightly" clamped by two slender and delicate fingers.

Zhou Ji was flabbergasted as he looked at those two fingers. Ji Fengyan had easily stopped his full force attack and no matter how much strength he used, that heavy sword remained stuck, unable to move even the slightest bit.

Ji Fengyan looked up, those smiling eyes clas.h.i.+ng with Zhou Ji's horrified ones.

"A mortal battling against an immortal?" Ji Fengyan's lips lifted up as she spoke out words that sent a chill throughout Zhou Ji's body.

Those two fingers that had clamped onto the heavy sword lightly flicked…

An incorporeal power abruptly spread out from the heavy sword. At this instant, that incomparably hard heavy sword was actually faintly shaking, those vibrations instantly heading towards Zhou Ji who was holding the sword.

Almost unconsciously, Zhou Ji quickly let go of the sword.

At that instant when he let go, that constantly shuddering heavy sword fractured with a cracking sound. Right in front of his eyes, the heavy sword that Zhou Ji was so proud of turned into countl

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