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Chapter 120

Chapter 120 – Little Liu Huo’s Heart (3)

Liu Huo looked at the pure and honest Ji Fengyan in front of him with astonishment. That suffocating feeling in his chest had mostly dispersed.

“Gong Zhengyu?”

“Right. He’s that sickly guy who followed me over. Mmm, you’ve got to take care of yourself so that you won’t look like him in the future, otherwise you’ll have a lot of problems,” Ji Fengyan said seriously. Whether it was Gong Zhengyu’s temperament or manners, they were both rather impeccable. The only thing that ruined his aura was that grim air pulsing from his forehead. Even though Gong Zhengyu, hadn’t said anything about it, Ji Fengyan could still tell that he had been suffering from a chronic illness for a long time now.

Once Ji Fengyan thought about Liu Huo’s original injuries,

she felt a bit frightened. She was scared that she would raised the pretty little guy wrong and cause him to follow in the footsteps of Gong Zhengyu’s frail body.

“Sickly guy…” Liu Huo’s eyes widened. Ji Fengyan’s judgement of Gong Zhengyu really was… direct. Simple and rough.

“You can’t be as fragile as he is in the future, okay? You’ve got to be really strong when you grow up,” she said, not noticing Liu Huo’s abnormality. Seizing on his dazed state, she started petting his head and pinching his little face, feeling very satisfied.

Liu Huo slightly blushed and the last bit of unusualness in his chest disappeared. That relieved feeling of realization felt kind of strange and delicate.


He didn’t dislike it.

Liu Huo savoured that feeling for a moment before he suddenly thought of something. Grabbing Ji

Ji Fengyan’s small mischievous hands, he stared at her. “What did you say you refined that medicine from?”

She blinked, “Timeless affection flower.”

“Wha-“ Liu Huo shook, the gaze he used to look her becoming even more complicated.

Timeless affection flower. Although it was called the timeless affection flower, it was the most heartless amongst flowers. Growing up amidst the fiercest of flames with no one able to approach it, the effects of this flower were quite remarkable. It could be said to be a priceless treasure that had no market. Even for those without an injury, if they could consume a timeless affection flower, then they would also be able to prolong their lives by extending their lifespan.


She gave it to him that easily?

It was obvious that his injuries had almost recovered and yet still…

Liu Huo felt as

felt as if a fire had started burning in his chest. It burned to the point where his entire body felt hot.

The flower’s effects was different for him than it would’ve been for a normal person, but she gave it to him without knowing the circ.u.mstances.

Ji Fengyan felt curious as she saw that Liu Huo wanted to say something but was hesitating. His eyes were so bright that it was as if they held flames within them that had completely

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