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Chapter 91 – This Young Master Will Make All of Your Accusations True! (1)

All of the arrows were either sent flying, split apart, or completely destroyed by the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance. With thunking sounds, they all fell to the ground while not even one landed past Yang Jian's body.

Once all of the arrows had fallen, Yang Jian stopped moving.


The handle of the Triple-Bladed Double-Edged Lance thumped against the ground while Yang Jian held it, seeming almost like an undefeated G.o.d of war that stood in front of everybody!

This scene stunned everybody there. Who would have thought that one person could actually block nearly a hundred arrows that were fire at the same time?!

Lei Xu looked at the spectacle in front of him with astonishment. He knew that Ling He and the others weren't bad, thus he wanted to take care of them first, but he had never thought that this bizarre-looking man would completely resolve his move!

"JI FENGYAN! Could it be that you are still intending to resist?!" Lei Xu roared.

Ji Fengyan lightly laughed as she gently pushed Ling He away and casually walked forward to stand besides Yang Jian. She placed her pet.i.te hand on his armour, slightly raising her eyebrows as she looked at Lei Xu's twisted face with a false smile. "Lei Xu, are you finished speaking? Then it should be my turn now."

Lei Xu furrowed his brows. "The reality is right there in front of you, what else can you dispute?"

"Dispute?" She asked, suddenly covering her lips to hide her smile. Those pair of beaming eyes seemed especially radiant.

"My apologies, but I'm not planning on disputing anything. I Just wanted to make clear a few things, that's all."

Lei Xu was slightly stunned.

She actually wasn't planning on denying things?

Was she stupid? Or did she know that there wasn't anything to say and thus stopped struggling?

Her beaming eyes looked at the manager of the Ideal Gold Store who was kneeling in front of Lei Xu's horse and sobbing about how he had a "relations.h.i.+p" with her. She pointed at him. "Even if I wanted to look for someone, my eyes aren't so bad as to choose somebody as ugly as him. It's a flavour that I can't handle."

The mouth of the manager of the Ideal Gold Store who was cursed by Ji Fengyan as being ugly twitched.

Ji Fengyan's hand turned and opportunistically pointed at Liu Huo who was standing behind her. "Lei Xu, you really are getting confused in old age. I told you before that this one is my hidden beloved. Remember clearly for this Young Master, he's called Liu Huo. No matter from what perspective, he's far better than that nincomp.o.o.p son of yours by a hundred times. I would have to be blind to actually like that idiot Lei Min."

"YOU!" Lei Xu had already been angered by Ji Fengyan's abnormal words to the point where his face was turning blue.

Everybody in the surrounding had also been completely dazed by her bizarre actions.


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