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Chapter 122 – Timeless Affection Flower (2)

Just as Gong Zhengyu was bringing the green tea that Zuo Nuo had prepared for him to his lips, the teacup that he was holding was abruptly covered by a small hand!

Stunned, Gong Zhengyu looked up and his astonished eyes clashed with a pair of dazzling bright ones.

In an instant, the black-clothed men standing behind him flashed over, their aura's flaring sharply. Gong Zhengyu quickly raised his hand to stop them before looking at Ji Fengyan who had suddenly appeared in puzzlement.

"Is there a problem, my lady?"

The air that Ji Fengyan gave off while standing in front of him was a bit bizarre. She seemed as if she was smiling, yet the aura radiating off of her felt rather dangerous.

"In the end, what is the timeless affection flower?" Ji Fengyan asked, looking at Gong Zhengyu impatiently.

His expression was a bit confused, "I have already spoken about the effects of the timeless affection flower with my lady before. What is it? Is there a problem?"

"Will it have any negative effects on a person?" She inquired, her gaze remaining fixed on his, giving off an ethereal feeling.

Gong Zhengyu shook his head, "This I do not know. I have never heard of the timeless affection flower having any negative effects, otherwise it wouldn't have the value it does now."

Ji Fengyan stared at Gong Zhengyu for a good long moment before she finally smiled and slowly retrieved the hand she used to cover his teacup, the sharpness in the depths of her eyes fading away like the clouds. Everything seemed as if it never happened.

"So it's like that. It really is a good thing then," she chuckled.

Although he felt puzzled by Ji Fengyan's abrupt change in att.i.tude, Gong Zhengyu wisely didn't ask. As for the two black-clothed men standing besides him, they remained in a combat-ready stance, as if they were afraid that Ji Fengyan would have another overtly extreme reaction.

She swept a glance over them, but didn't say anything about it.

Just a moment ago, her actions really were a bit extreme, so it's only natural that they would be so cautious now.

"My apologies. Just a moment ago Liu Huo took some medicine that was made by refining the timeless affection flower and had a poor reaction, so…" Ji Fengyan explained.

However, the astonishment in Gong Zhengyu's expression increased.

"My lady's residence actually has such a talented person in it? One that is able to refine the timeless affection flower into medication in such a short amount of time? I do wonder about their ability though. Was it possible for there to be an error during the refining process."

Ji Fengyan's gaze slightly fluttered off to the side.

Not medication; it was a medicinal pill.

What she refined didn't have any problems!

"There shouldn't have been a problem. Since Liu Huo seems out of sorts today, I'll have to go take a look at him later. Unfortunately, I probably won't have any tim

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