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Chapter 111 – Are You Jealous? (1)

Su Lingsheng furrowed her brows. She couldn't understand why they suddenly turned to look at Ji Fengyan.

"The Eldest Princess always keeps her promises. As long as your group allows the transaction this time, the Eldest Princess will immediately speak with His Majesty. What's more, I don't believe your group is willing to go back empty-handed, right? Would those ores that the commoners brought along with them be enough to satisfy your group's requirements?" Su Lingsheng continued.

"This…" The two black-clothed businessmen were a bit hesitant.

However, at that moment, a warm and pleasant voice suddenly spoke up from the frontmost carriage.

"Lady Su's offer is indeed appealing, but we have our regulations. Therefore, I can only decline the Eldest Princess's good graces."

It was an extremely pleasant male voice, like a fresh spring pa.s.sing through the mountains, gentle and warm. The tone seemed to have contained a barely tangible smile, a charm that seemed as if it could calm the fiercest of beasts.

Those two black-clothed men that were originally hesitating immediately returned back to normal upon hearing that voice. "Lady Su, we truly are sorry, but our Young Master has already spoken. You too have also heard that without the required amount of ores, our transaction will not be able to proceed."

Su Lingsheng clenched her teeth. Although she was still furious in her heart, she didn't dare to be the least bit respectful to that person who just spoke.

She glared at Ji Fengyan, her eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with extreme hatred.

If it wasn't because of Ji Fengyan, then there wouldn't have been so many problems!

Seeing Su Lingsheng's loathing gaze, Ji Fengyan's ever-present smile still remained unaffected. Instead, she felt a bit of interest for the person who had just spoken.

Just what was his background for him to actually not even bother giving the Eldest Princess face?

Things were starting to get interesting.

"Okay, enough. Both of you are finished with your business, right? Then isn't it about time for me to discuss mine?" Ji Fengyan reminded.

Those two black-clothed men were a bit dazed for a moment before responding apologetically, "We truly do apologize for making you wait so long. This is a list of the items that you can exchange for. Please check it and after deciding on what items you need, we can make the transaction."

After he finished speaking, one of them carefully handed over a golden scroll to Ji Fengyan.

As for Su Lingsheng who was standing off to the side, once she saw that golden-coloured scroll, she abruptly widened her eyes.

Golden Silk Scroll!

Su Lingsheng looked in disbelief at the Golden Silk Scroll in Ji Fengyan's hands. The items that this merchant group had were extremely rare and precious, while their leader remained all but unknown to anybody. Once, she had made contact with this merchant group several times under th

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