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Chapter 113 – Are You Jealous? (3)

"YOU!" Su Lingsheng trembled in fury. Secretly pulling on her wrist, Lei Min took a step forward to face Ji Fengyan.

"Ji Fengyan, since this thing is a transaction between you and the merchant group, we naturally can't interfere, but… Based on our past feelings, I really do need to remind you that this timeless affection flower was something that the Eldest Princess wanted early on. If you try to hide it and anger the Eldest Princess, then you'll have to take responsibility for the consequences."

Ji Fengyan looked at the "Good Samaritan" Lei Min and her eyes slightly curved in a smile. "Instead of worrying about me, wouldn't it be better to start worrying about yourself? You guys couldn't finish the task that your master handed over and even allowed somebody else to take away the opportunity, so it's very likely… that you two would in a rather awkward position, right?"

Lei Min's face slightly stiffened, the depths of his eyes flas.h.i.+ng with the embarra.s.sment of being exposed before quickly returning back to normal.

Su Lingsheng still wanted to say something else, but Lei Min shook his head.

The businessmen ignored the reactions on Su Lingsheng's side and quickly brought and handed over a black, rectangular ornate box to Ji Fengyan.

"Customer, this is the Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection that you wanted. Please take well care of it." One of the black-clothed businessmen said politely.

Taking the box, Ji Fengyan began to open it right in front of the crowd. Almost immediately, the double-stemmed flower lying inside attracted her attention.

She had originally thought that this so-called timeless affection flower was a bit too fantastical, but after she had personally seen it, she really was shocked by its appearance. A fiery-red double-stemmed flower lay inside, its golden-coloured stamen wrapped in layers upon layers of petals. There was no way to tell how long it had been buried in that box, but its leaves still remained full and round, untainted by the pa.s.sage of time. On those layers of petals, a faint golden flame could be seen burning and sparkling, as if the entire flower were wrapped in flames.

Born from flames, raised between heaven and earth.

Powerful emanations of spirit energy radiated outwards from the timeless affection flower. Trying to feel that spiritual energy, Ji Fengyan slightly nudged at her own energy. Unfortunately…

Although the timeless affection flower was magical, it would do nothing for her shattered Inner Core. There was simply no way for her to absorb that type of spiritual energy.

The feeling of astonishment faded and Ji Fengyan couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed.

However, Su Lingsheng who had just personally seen the timeless affection flower for the first time widened her eyes and almost wanted to immediately get somebody to forcefully take that flower away from Ji Fengyan!

Feeling a bit urgent, she pulled at

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