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Chapter 109

Chapter 109 – Enemies Meet on Narrow Roads (3)

Lei Min acted decisively and resolutely, breaking off his engagement with Ji Fengyan in front of the crowd!

Su Lingsheng was even more moved and tightly held onto Lei Min’s hands with an expression of deep infatuation.


“Lei Min, I believed you’ve gotten something wrong.” Ji Fengyan smiled brightly while watching Lei Min.

He furrowed his brows.

“I had early on already made it clear about our separation, therefore the engagement between you and me doesn’t exist.” Ji Fengyan slightly raised an eyebrow.

Lei Min’s expression abruptly turned awkward, but for some reason he actually restrained his temper and silently lowered his head, not saying anything else. Almost as if there was no way to speak the humiliation he was suffering.

Ling He stood off to the side as he watched Lei Min, who suddenly seemed like a different person, felt a little bit curious.

Why does Lei Min seem as if he had suddenly switched personalities?

However, before Ling He could think it through, Su Lingsheng who had watched Lei Min be “humiliated” couldn’t take it anymore.

“Enough! Ji Fengyan, stop being so overbearing! Wasn’t the reason that you’re going after Min and Uncle Lei because I had taken Min away from you? I truly never thought that as a life exterminator, you would actually be so narrow-minded, to even to going as far as killing Uncle Lei! Even now, you’re still trying to humiliate Min! I’ll tell you right now that as long as I, Su Lingsheng, am alive, I’ll never let your malicious plan come to fruition! Min has already been accepted as a member of the Eldest Princess’ l.u.s.trous Guards! If you dare to harm him at all, then the Eldest Princess will absolutely not let you off! Compared to the Eldest Princess, your meagre position as Ji City’s city lord means nothing at all!” Su Lingsheng berated as she met Ji Fengyan’s gaze, not backing down at all.

Su Lingsheng’s words caused all of the surrounding commoners to fall into a state of astonishment. What Ji Fengyan said when Lei Xu died was completely different from what Su Lingsheng was saying now, making everybody feel a bit confused for a time

Was the reason that Ji Fengyan killed Lei Xu really because Lei Min loved somebody else?

After Su Lingsheng finished speaking, a proud smile flashed through the depths of Lei Min’s eyes, who still had his head lowered. However, that trace of pride was quickly hidden and remained undetected by anybody.

As for Ling He, he was angered to the point where he almost slapped Su Lingsheng’s face. He was just thinking about why that brat Lei Min had suddenly switch personalities, but now from the looks of things, Lei Min smartened up. After all, without Lei Xu, his future didn’t look bright, so now he actually started hugging onto Su Lingsheng’s thighs.

Listening to Su Lingsheng’s words, it was very likely that Lei Min had early on already blamed Lei Xu

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