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Chapter 133

Chapter 133 – Unreasonable (2)

Zhan Fei’s words stunned Su Lingsheng for a bit .

Before she could understand what had happened, Zhan Fei had already stepped forward to gaze down at Ji Fengyan with impatience, “Hand over the timeless affection flower!”

Ji Fengyan’s eyes narrowed as a chilly gleam flashed across them .

Gong Zhengyu’s smiling face cracked, “This Lord Zhan, did you not understand my words from just a moment ago? The Dual-Stemmed Timeless Affection belongs to Fengyan . ”

Zhan Fei coldly snorted, “So what? Does she dare not hand over the object that the Eldest Princess desires? I couldn’t care less about the nonsense that all of you are spouting . Today, I will absolutely bring the timeless affection flower back with me! As for you, you don’t need to say anything else to me . If she doesn’t hand it over, then I’ll tear this entire residence apart myself

to go and get it!”

The overbearing warning that Zhan Fei gave stunned everybody present .

Of course, the happiest were none other then Su Lingsheng and Lei Min .

Originally, they had thought that after their lies had been exposed that they would be reprimanded by Zhan Fei, but never in their wildest dreams had they ever thought that not only did Zhan Fei not care about how the timeless affection flower came about, he just simply ascertained that Ji Fengyan must absolutely hand it over!

With this… the immense pressure weighing down on their hearts finally lifted .

After Su Lingsheng had recovered from her terror of a moment ago, she once again put on her arrogant face and moved to stand besides Zhan Fei to speak in a condescending tone . “It seems that I was confused . Ji Fengyan, did you not understand Lord Zhan’s words? Hand over the timeless

timeless affection flower right this instant! As for you off to the side, there no need for you to keep wasting your breath . ”

Gong Zhengyu’s brows slightly scrunched up . It was obvious that he hadn’t thought that Zhan Fei would be so recalcitrant about what was right and wrong . He wanted to say something else, but was abruptly cut off by Ji Fengyan .

“Zhengyu, thank you, but I’ll handle this myself . ”

Turning around in astonishment, Gong Zhengyu found that to his shock, Ji Fengyan was smiling coldly .

At this moment, Ji Fengyan was completely different from her mischievousness and laziness from before . Despite the fact that her eyes were still full of smiles, they managed to cause Gong Zhengyu to feel an invisible pressure!

“You… be careful . ” Gong Zhengyu cautioned, abrupt changing what he wanted to say at first .

Ji Fengyan lightly chuckled

lightly chuckled . Tilting her head, she held her chin with one hand before turning to look at the unreasonable and overbearing Zhan Fei .

“It’s impossible for me to give you the timeless affection flower . As for tearing apart my residence? If you’ve got the capabilities, then just try and tear i

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