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Chapter 131

Chapter 131 – If You Can’t Speak Normally, Then Shut It (4)

Towards Su Lingsheng’s shamelessness, the guards could only look on with clenched teeth .

As for Gong Zhengyu who was standing behind them, he secretly frowned . He had seen Su Lingsheng a few times before, but every time it was always through the windows of his carriage and never face-to-face .


The impression that Su Lingsheng had given him before wasn’t like this . If it wasn’t for the fact that he was personally witnessing all of this happening today, then he really wouldn’t have been able to believe that Su Lingsheng as the Eldest Princess’ personal aide would actually have such a thick and shameless face .

“There’s no need to waste any more time speaking with you about this . Ji Fengyan, if you don’t hand over the timeless affection flower today, then we won’t let you off that easily . How you took the

timeless affection flower from us that day is how you’ll return it today . ” Lei Min said bitingly, taking a glance over at Zhan Fei .

A barely visible smile still hung on the corners of Ji Fengyan’s lips, her true feelings unknown .

Or at least, Gong Zhengyu wasn’t able to tell what she was planning anyways .

“Young Lord Lei and Young Lady Su, I believe some of your words are mistaken, are they not?” A warm and pleasant voice asked through the stifled atmosphere of the main hall .

Su Lingsheng’s brows furrowed . Following the sound to its source, she saw a handsomely beautiful pale-faced young man slowly walking out from that group of injured guards .

His steps were light and relaxed while a silvery grey-coloured coat was draped over his shoulders . With his extremely outstanding appearance, he gave off a warm, soothing, and elegant aura .

After Gong Zhengyu arrived in front of everybody,

everybody, his smiling eyes locked with Ji Fengyan’s gaze for a moment before he turned around to face the rather dazed Su Lingsheng . “Young Lady Su, I believe that everybody in Ji City is completely clear about what happened that day, therefore do you not think that reversing black and white like this is actually suitable?”

Suddenly coming back to reality, the gaze she used to look at Gong Zhengyu was a bit dismayed .

This man was so handsome, but why did he have to speak up for Ji Fengyan? Who the heck was he?

Just as Su Lingsheng wanted to refute his claims, Lei Min cut in first . “The people of Ji City? Could it be that you didn’t know that Ji Fengyan is the city lord of Ji City? As long as she speaks, then who would dare question her words? In the end, wouldn’t it just be what she wants it to be?”

Gong Zhengyu chuckled as he gazed at

gazed at the calm and unperturbed Lei Min, “Oh? Then you believe that the words of the people of Ji City cannot be trusted?”

“Naturally . ” Lei Min answered back placidly .

“Then what if I vouched for Ji Fengyan?”

Lei Min frowned while Su Lingshen

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