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Chapter 33 – Foot-Cus.h.i.+on Stone!

Under Su Lingsheng's signal, the manager slightly nodded his head with a strained face.

"Since this is the second time, shouldn't the selection area also be even bigger?" Ji Fengyan asked.

The manager was delighted. He was just worrying about how to let Su Lingsheng choose from even better rare ores. Never had he thought that this girl would actually ask on her own! One had to know that the rare ores in his didn't wasn't just limited to these!

"Naturally!" The manager didn't hesitate at all as he spoke.

Ji Fengyan's lips lifted in a lazy smile as she carelessly wandered about in the shop, her gaze sweeping over each of those shelves. In her eyes, those simple stones were all wrapped in layers of spiritual energy.

She had seen the stone that Su Lingsheng had chosen before. Even though it spiralled with spirit energy, it still wasn't as thick as the one she selected. This was Ji Fengyan's first time at stone gambling and that round could've been counted as an experiment. Now, she had an basic understanding of how to judge a rare ore's value.

Want to plot against her?

They had to first see if she was in such a good mood!

Ji Fengyan circled around the store three times but still hadn't chosen a stone.

Both the manager and Su Lingsheng were getting a bit impatient. As Su Lingsheng casted an eye over, the manager immediately began to press Ji Fengyan. "This guest, are you finished selecting or not? If you keep dragging things on like this, it will impact our business! Should you choose to keep delaying, we can only count it as you forfeiting."

Lightly laughing, Ji Fengyan abruptly stopped in front of the store's table. Looking at that lackey of a manager, she smiled brightly. "Don't be so impatient, I've already finished selecting."

After speaking, Ji Fengyan bent down in front of everyone's gazes as she plucked a ragged little stone from the foot of the table.

This movement made everybody in the crowd feel a bit nonplused.

Without feeling anything, Ji Fengyan put that unremarkable stone down on the table. Giving it a pat with her small hands, she said, "I want this one!"

"Pfft!" Inside the silent store, a sudden burst of mocking laughter rang out. Everybody held their stomachs as they laughed loudly, their face full of ridicule as they looked at Ji Fengyan!

At this moment, the manager's mouth was already slightly twitching. Even if you beat him to death, he still wouldn't have thought that Ji Fengyan's final selection was actually the lousy stone he used to cus.h.i.+on the foot of the table!

That stone was the useless remnants left over by the carving of the original stone several years ago. At that time, the original stone had opened a pretty decent rare ore, leaving behind this remnant which was conveniently taken by him and used to cus.h.i.+on the table's foot.

An original stone at most could only open one rare ore. With Ji Fengyan choosin

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