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Chapter 28 – I Just Like It Big!

The large man who had spoken a bit to Ji Fengyan before was the only person on the scene who broke out in a sweat for her!

Su Lingsheng looked at Ji Fengyan, the depths of her eyes flas.h.i.+ng with a trace of smugness. She then let the shop's boss appropriately prepare the stones that they were to chose from. All of them were of different sizes, with some being as small as a quail egg while there were also large stones about half the height of a man.

"I also won’t be too rough on you. This bet won’t take anything else into consideration besides how high the value of the opened stone is. How about it?” Su Lingsheng arrogantly looked at Ji Fengyan.

“Sure." She shrugged.

Su Lingsheng lightly laughed as the bystanders whispered to each other.

While Su Lingsheng looked as if she was being fair, there was a hidden trap in it. Although the difference between these big and small stones seemed extremely large, the real amount of ores opened still had to be seen. Most importantly, it didn't matter if the ores opened was comparable in size to each other. If there was a difference in their grades, then the price would be as far as the distance between heaven and earth.

As an old hand in stone gambling, Su Lingsheng naturally knew which rare ores were worth the most. Conversely, the observing Ji Fengyan would probably not have that much of an understanding.

"For our gamble, to prevent people from saying that I'm bullying you, I can let you choose first." Acting in a virtuous manner, Su Lingsheng looked at Ji Fengyan with a smile on her lips.

Sweeping an eye at Su Lingsheng, Ji Fengyan didn't decline and directly stepped forward to stand in front of those different sized stones.

Her gazed moved about through those stone, sliding over the ones with unusual outer sh.e.l.ls. The stones that the shop's boss had prepared were encapsulated very tightly. Wanting to find what was inside these stones just by looking at it's outside appearance was basically impossible.

At this moment, everybody watched Ji Fengyan. All of them were clear that in stone gambling, it was not the one who chose first that had the advantage, instead it was a disadvantage. Especially when facing an old hand like Su Lingsheng. From which stone her opponent chose first, she would be able to clearly judge what the ore's price was and thus select an even higher priced stone later.

Everyone was extremely clear of this little bit. Only, no one would take the risk of offending Su Lingsheng to help a unfamiliar girl.

Ji Fengyan turned a circle around those stones. Finally, she stopped in front of the biggest stone.

The height of that stone was almost comparable to the height of Ji Fengyan's body, looking quite enormous.

Her small hands lightly patting that stone, Ji Fengyan lifted her head and cheerfully smiled as she looked at Su Lingsheng. "I choose this one."

Su Lingsheng was a little bit stupefied, u

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