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Chapter 39 – Battling With Me? A Little Bit Tender.

Lei Min was a bit fl.u.s.tered. He was completely unclear about what happened. The always lofty Su Lingsheng, how could she really kneel for someone because of a bet?

Su Lingsheng was even more fl.u.s.tered than Lei Min. Her knees were hurting, as if someone had covered them with needles. She obviously wanted to stand up but couldn't move even a little bit at all. The slightest movement would cause a heart-rending lung-splitting pain. In but a moment, the cold sweat seeping out from her back already soaked through her clothes!

In the end, what happened?!

"Well, whatever. Since you're willing to comply with our agreement, it's also not good for me to refuse." Ji Fengyan walked in front of Su Lingsheng step by step. At this moment, that originally dainty body unexpectedly became unusually tall in front of the kneeling Su Lingsheng. Her figure was positioned just right so that it concealed the sunlight from outside the door, enveloping Su Lingsheng's entire body in a shadow.

Involuntarily lifting her head, Su Lingsheng’s eyes reflected Ji Fengyan's cheerfully smiling face. For some unknown reason, at this moment Ji Fengyan's face actually made her feel a frigid chill from the depths of her heart.

What made Su LIngsheng feel even more disbelief was that right after Ji Fengyan spoke, her hands unexpectedly couldn't be controlled. They untied the jade pendant at her waist, solemnly holding it in her palm and respectfully submitting it in front of Ji Fengyan!

"If you were like this earlier, wouldn't that have been better?" Ji Fengyan smiled brightly as she looked at Su Lingsheng.

The manager and observers off to the side were shocked. What was happening in front of their eyes exceeded everybody's expectation.

"Lingsheng! You've become insane!" Lei Min had tried several time, but still couldn't pull Su Lingsheng up. When he saw Su Lingsheng taking out that jade pendant, he was in a complete mess.

No one knew that at this moment Su Lingsheng couldn't speak. She wanted to roar out that she actually didn't want this, that she basically didn't want to kneel for this lowly country b.u.mpkin, and that she was even more unwilling to hand her jade pendant over to Ji Fengyan. However… Her legs and hands were already no longer under her control. It was to the extent that even the words she wanted to speak was like a person used a stone to block them.

Cold sweat constantly dripped from Su Lingsheng's forehead. She looked at Ji Fengyan with a deathly pale face, the depths of her eyes full of defiance and hatred. However, her actions didn't comply with her heart.

Ji Fengyan slowly extended her hand, reaching for that jade pendant under Su Lingsheng's startled and terrified gaze.

Lei Min suddenly moved his hand, covering that jade pendant in Su Lingsheng's hands, glaring at Ji Fengyan. "Are you done?! You really want to take things to such an extreme extent? This

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