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Chapter 15 – Do You Think I’m Blind?

“Fengyan, even though Lingsheng is the Su Clan’s branch’s daughter, right now she is an attendant at the eldest princess’ side. This isn’t something a normal woman can compare to. Out of deep respect for your status as a life exterminator, she is willing to marry into an inferior position. If it was someone else, this would basically be impossible.” Lei Xu’s brows slightly furrowed while the smile on his face faded by quite a bit.

“You also know that even though there is a lot of honour in being a life exterminator, the danger is also just as great. While you’re outside killing our enemies, you won’t know how many demons will come for revenge. Min’er and Lingsheng are both willing to bear the concern of losing their life for you, so you shouldn’t decline that much,” he continued.

“Among the ranks of life exterminators, there are very few women. A lot of those female life exterminators would have to live out their lives alone because others are afraid of being implicated by being too close. Lingsheng stands at the side of the eldest princess and has no lack of guards. Therefore, she can protect the safety of both Min’er and your unborn child. This type of situation is something that other female life exterminators can’t have even if they wish to.”

Lei Xu’s tone had changed into one of condescension. As if Lei Min being willing to marry Ji Fengyan was already a type of great favour.

“In the following days, you also don’t want for Min’er and your child to live in the midst of chaos and suffering, right?

Ji Fengyan looked at Lei Xu’s gloomy face and coldly laughed inside her thoughts. She redirected her gaze towards Su Lingsheng to the side, who had continued to remain silent.

Su Lingsheng had a sweet and charming appearance. Right now, her brows were slightly wrinkled while that clear face was also a picture of misery and grief. Even if it was just a wrinkled brow, those who grew up looking good would still arouse the compa.s.sion in people’s hearts. So when Lei Min saw Su Lingsheng’s appearance, he was itching with an impulse to take her into his arms and comfort her well. As for this “unaware of good and bad” Ji Fengyan, he was more resentful towards her.

Compared to Su Lingsheng, who’s skin was as fair as jade, the sallow and emaciated Ji Fengyan that had been abused by the Ji Clan since childhood immediately appeared that unremarkable.

“Ji Fengyan, Lingsheng has already compromised, What else do you want?Even though you and I are said to be engaged, but you also know that this engagement was mostly said as a joke. Right now, I am willing to comply with this farce of an engagement, so why are you making things so difficult? Are you truly that vicious?” Li Min looked at Ji Fengyan with eyes full of disappointment.

She really wanted to laugh. This was the first time that Ji Fengyan saw someone use such a method of turning black into white. This truly opened her eyes.

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