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Chapter 37 – When People are Extremely Base, They are Unrivalled

Su Lingsheng didn't speak, yet it was like a silent confirmation. Her tightly knitted brows revealed the selfish thoughts she held inside.

It wasn't her who spoke of reneging. She only accepted everybody's "wishes".

Ji Fengyan lightly smiled as she shook her head. When she once again looked at Su Lingsheng, that playful and flippant expression in her eyes had suddenly became unusually sharp. It was as if her eyes were ripping apart all of Su Lingsheng's facade layer by layer.

Languidly straightening out her collar, Ji Fengyan began to slowly speak. "As a person, I have always disliked trouble. However, if someone looks for trouble with me, I also won't be polite. Causing a mess and then thinking of running? I don't have such a good temper…"

"Then what do you want to do? You, girl, are also a little bit too unforgiving. Since when was there such a malicious person like you?" The manager off to the side couldn't resist speaking up for Su Lingsheng.

Abruptly, Ji Fengyan's eyes swept over that chattering manager. It was only a gaze, but it made the manager who wanted to continue speaking suddenly swallow his voice. He wasn't able to speak even one word, as if his throat was clamped down by someone.

"Did I agree for you to speak?"

The manager opened his mouth, so stifled that his face turned bright red, yet still he couldn't speak even one word.

"Doing things like this, you guys truly are really bothersome." Ji Fengyan turned her gaze back to Su Lingsheng.

Su Lingsheng tightly clenched her teeth as she glared at Ji Fengyan in hatred.

"Lingsheng?" Just as everybody din't know what to do about the situation in front of them, a voice suddenly entered the crowds's ears.

A slender figure walked out from the crowd. Moving forward with big strides, he came in front of Su Lingsheng who had an unpleasant expression on her face.

Su Lingsheng was slightly shocked, lifting her eyes to look at that familiar figure. The bitter hatred and unwillingness in her eyes immediately changed into grievance and sadness. Her gaze drooped a bit as she spoke in a voice that would soften the hearts of anybody who heard it, "Min."

Lei Min looked at Su Lingsheng who had a face full of grievance, his expression extremely nervous. Just a while ago, he had suddenly received a message from a servant of this store telling him to hurry over. In the end, when he came over, he saw the woman who he cherished the most unexpectedly standing in the crowd with an aggrieved face.

"Lingsheng, what happened to you?" In Lei Min's eyes there was only Su Lingsheng's figure and nothing else.

Su Lingsheng pressed her lips, looking as if she didn't want to speak and slowly shook her head.

Lei Min's arrival let the store's manager immediately release his breath. Quickly walking over to Lei Min's side, he began to speak, "Young City Lord, you're finally here. You see, thi

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