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Chapter 56 – Taking Back the Things That Belong to Me

Ji Fengyan seemed to have swept through almost all of the raw stones inside the city. Now, after this last batch had been moved into the residence, perhaps she wouldn't be able to find enough ores of a sufficient grade for her to cultivate with for a long time.

The implications of her not having any rare ores meant that the recovery of her Inner Core would have to be stopped, and that wasn't something Ji Fengyan could accept.

She was still waiting to finish repairing her Inner Core and continue with her path to immortality!

After finis.h.i.+ng opening the last batch of ores and completely draining them, Ji Fengyan brought little Bai Ze who was as tall as her thigh to sit in the courtyard while she nibbled on melon seeds in deep thought.

"Dammit." Ji Fengyan curled her lips, throwing the skin of the melon seeds onto the stone table.

Little Bai Ze leaned against Ji Fengyan's legs, the wounds on its hoof already half-healed. Inside those big watery eyes, there was a vague increase in intellect.

After Ling He finished taking care of those ores, he saw his young lady dazedly sitting in the courtyard with a face of depression. Having already been tormented be Ji Fengyan's inspired ideas to the point of already becoming numb, he walked forward. "My lady, what happened to you?"

"No more ores." She said, furrowing her brows.

"……" Ling He felt that he shouldn't have asked too much!

"Big Brother He, what do you think? Where can we go to get even more ores?" Ji Fengyan raised her head to look at Ling He. After this period of time of nourishment, her emaciated body had already started to look fuller day by day and no longer seemed like a little paper figure. Those two eyes carrying a thick air of puzzlement had instantly melted the heart of Ling He, this big and tall man.

Their young lady… How lovable she was!

"Mmm, while your subordinate isn't clear about this, but… Ji City is full of ores. However, the majority of them are controlled by the city lord and the amount normal people have aren't that much…" Ling He hadn't finished speaking before Ji Fengyan abruptly stood up.

A pair of eyes flas.h.i.+ng and radiating light stared at Ling He.

"Big Brother He!"

"Eh?" Ling He became startled.

"How about we go to the City Lord's Residence?" Ji Fengyan smiled as she asked.

"W-what?" Ling He was a bit stupefied

"Am I not Ji City's City Lord? Isn't taking back the things that belong to me natural?" Just thinking about it caused Ji Fengyan to be fill with motivation. The rare ores of rolling hills and wide plains… Her Inner Core's complete recovery was just around the corner!

Ling He was completely shocked by Ji Fengyan's words. In reality, ever since Ji Fengyan arrived at Ji City, she hadn't received the least bit of treatment that a city lord should have received. Instead, she was suppressed by Lei Xu, that *** ** * **, almost everywhere.

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