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Chapter 14 – Two Women Sharing One Husband

Once Ji Fengyan and Lei Min were married, in the following days when she had to leave Ji city to fight the enemy, he would easily have a reason to “subst.i.tute” for her and control Ji city.

Their idea is really… shameless enough.

Ji Fengyan was almost completely sickened by Lei Xu’s hypocritical face.

“I understand Uncle Lei’s good intentions. Still, Uncle Lei should also know that once a life exterminator turned sixteen and entered the army, they would suffer many injuries if not outright dying. Few have a good ending. I just thought that… it would still be better not to burden Lei Min.” Ruefully, Ji Fengyan couldn’t bring herself to say those three disgusting words.

Want to take advantage of her?

They still had to see if she was willing!

Unfortunately, Lei Xu practically couldn’t hear the refusal in Ji Fengyan’s tone. With how infatuated she was with Lei Min, he truly thought that she was saying such things so she didn’t burden Lei Min. Immediately, the smile on his face became even deeper. Even more certain of Ji Fengyan’s “deep love” for Lei Min, he took a step back and pointed at that beauty with furrowed brows standing next to Lei Min.

“Don’t worry about this little bit, Fengyan. You and Min’er liked each other since childhood. How would this small problem stop you two?”

Lei Xu laughed, “It’s true that in the following days you’ll have to enter the battlefield, with very few opportunities to see Min’er and unlikely to have a child anytime soon, but your Uncle Lei has already found a solution for you. This lady here, Su Lingsheng, is a branch member of the Su Clan. She will also marry Min’er along with you. At that time, you can relax as you perform the duties of a life exterminator. Min’er will have Lingsheng at his side, therefore there is need to worry at all. Later on, the child you have can also be raised by Lingsheng, saving you from having any future worries about both father and child while on the battlefield.”

Every word that Lei Xu spoke was clearly enunciated and all carried a smile within. If someone didn’t know anything, that appearance of genuine concern would look as if has sacrificed much for Ji Fengyan.

What this persistent old man said almost angered her into laughing.

Ji Fengyan was just thinking about why that girlentered the room with such an expression of great bitterness and deep grudges.

Is this Lei Xu stupid? Or did he think she was stupid?

Seeing Ji Fengyan just happily smiling without saying anything, Lei Xu secretly glanced at Lei Min off to the side. With a bit of unwillingness, Lei Min knitted his brows and abruptly spoke: “Lingsheng’s disposition is very good. She understands how to take care of people, so in the future, you don’t need to worry about what happens in the family.”

Ji Fengyan just laughed.

Whatever. This entire family truly thought that the original owner was a cheap idiot. As a life exter

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