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Chapter 13 – An Old Fox Harbouring Evil Intentions

Perhaps feeling that awkward atmosphere, Lei Xu immediately laughed, “Min’er, why is it that you are unable to speak after seeing your Little Sister Fengyan? Really… Fengyan, don’t mind him. Min’er had always had an introverted nature. Day after day, he thought of you, even after having left the Imperial Capital for so many years. Knowing that you would be coming to Ji City, he was quite happy for a time and is now feeling nervous.”

Ji Fengyan only smiled and didn’t say anything

She wasn’t blind.

Lei Min’s lips s.h.i.+fted, wanting to say something. However, under Lei Xu’s stare, he only barely and slightly nodded his head.

“Instead of standing, why don’t we sit and talk?” Lei Xu still had his warm expression. Searching for a stool to sit on, he found as a result, that the stool was covered in dust. With a slight repulsion flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes, he turned towards the two guards standing blankly at the entrance, yelling for them to sweep the stool clean.

The two guards felt really conflicted about Lei Xu. However, thinking that he was their young lady’s future elder, they could only swallow their anger. Stepping forward docilely, they extended their sleeves, preparing to wipe it off. The result…

“My legs are already numb after sitting for the entire trip, so let stand while talking.” Ji Fengyan laughed brightly.

Lei Xu didn’t think that she would say something like that. As the host, Ji Fengyan hadn’t sat, which meant that it would be really improper for them to sit. They could only dryly laugh before letting those guards leave, standing in their original locations with a face full of smiles.

“Fengyan, this journey has been difficult for you. Today, I brought Min’er over for two reasons. The first is to receive you, while the second is to discuss the marriage between you and Min’er.”

Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows. At this moment, she finally understood what these people came for.

Oh? Was this supposed to be the rising action stage? A love-hate relations.h.i.+p where her father died, so now the relative-in-law is hurrying over to break off the engagement?

She felt a little excited. Ji Fengyan was only too eager to make this disgusting father and son pair screw off out of her sight.


“This year, Min’er isn’t that young anymore. Fengyan, although you haven’t reached the age of maturity, but you are still aware; life exterminators who inherit the Life Annihilation Armour will have to enter the army after they are sixteen years old. So, I plan to let you and Min’er quickly get married within this month. We’ll take advantage of the fact that you haven’t reached the age where you have to enter the battlefield and let you live a peaceful life. After all, in the following days, you’ll have to fight the demons on the battlefield. At that time, you’ll constantly be on the move and have little time to return. However, right now you’re alrea

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