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Chapter 26 – How About We Gamble?

Ji Fengyan's gaze faced Su Lingsheng's hatred-filled eyes without any evasion, the corners of her lips raising a little in nonchalance.

That smiling face of Ji Fengyan's made Su Lingsheng even more uncomfortable. The situation yesterday when she followed Lei Min and his father to meet Ji Fengyan wasn't a good memory. Towards Ji Fengyan's behaviour of openly keeping a "male lover" and provoking Lei Min, the lofty Su Lingsheng felt extremely disgusted. She really had a difficult time thinking of how such an ugly young woman could do something so shameless.

Both of them looked at each other, their secret thoughts essentially went unperceived by others.

The shop's boss was perplexed as he looked at Su Lingsheng who had suddenly stopped. Seeing her gaze unexpectedly focused on that little girl who ruined his good situation, the boss' mind slightly stiffened. Quickly opening his mouth he said, "How about Lady Su take a look first? This time the stones are pretty good. Just a while ago, there was a person who opened up an excellent Purple Gold Ore. I believe that with Lady Su's eyesight, Lady Su can absolutely pick a good one."

Su Lingsheng finally turned her gaze back.

Although the boss' words sounded like flattery it couldn't be said to be completely so. Su Lingsheng had already stayed at Ji City for almost a month and came here with Lei Min several times. It seemed that almost every time, Su Lingsheng could select the stones with rare ores amongst the large pile. Who knew how many people's jaws were startled open by that eyesight of hers? If it wasn't because of her special status, perhaps those few stone lovers in Ji City would have hurried over to request her to select stones for them.

Even as such, every time Su Lingsheng came over, it would always attract the a lot of people who wanted to observe from the side. Each time, the amount of stones Su Lingsheng selected wasn't much. If her eyes stopped at a certain stone for even a short amount time but didn't buy it, then everyone else would want to s.n.a.t.c.h that stone down to buy it.

As long as a stone made Su Lingsheng look at it a few times, it was certain to have a rare ore!

When Su Lingsheng came, it instant made the tightly crowded store even more overcrowded. Quite a few people stretched their necks, wanting to watch the process of Su Lingsheng selecting a stone. They wanted to see if they could gain some experience or not.

Everybody's fervent and admiring gazes made Su Lingsheng's mood a little bit better. As she lightly turned her gaze away from Ji Fengyan's body, her eyes flashed with a slight sneer.

Also fine! This time she can let this country b.u.mpkin clearly learn the difference between them!

Su Lingsheng made up her mind to reveal a bit in front of Ji Fengyan and immediately fixed her gaze upon the stone in the store.

Ji Fengyan casually stood off to the side, her arms folded against her chest as

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