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Chapter 79

Chapter 79 – Slowly Get Used to It

Ling He’s mouth gaped open. If it wasn’t for the fact that a dark night devil wolf’s characteristics were so obvious, he really would have doubted if he truly did see things wrong.

The Howling Heaven Hound tried to act cute in front of Ji Fengyan, those blue vertical pupils staring at Bai Ze nestled in her arms. Unable to help itself, its bright red tongue licked its sharp teeth.

Bai Ze felt a dangerous presence and unconsciously shuddered. Its small body tried to tunnel into Ji Fengyan’s arms with all its might, those large damp eyes looking as if they were going to cry.

“You can’t eat it, it isn’t food.” Ji Fengyan slapped the Howling Heaven Hound with a moderate amount of force.

The Howling Heaven Hound resentfully mewled.

It also couldn’t be blamed for hungering after Bai Ze. As Ji Fengyan wanted to raise Bai Ze into an immortal deer, she had been constantly feeding Bai Ze medicinal pills over this period of time and normally also hugged Bai Ze too when sleeping. Although at this time Bai Ze still hasn’t casted off its mortal body, but the scent that it released couldn’t be more attractive to magical beasts.

It simply looked as if it was good to eat!

Seeing the devil wolf acting so obediently in front of Ji Fengyan like a little puppy, Ling He felt that perhaps he really did see things wrongly.

A dark night devil wolf wouldn’t be so shameless!

“My lady, since the mineral veins have already been found, when are we going to mine them?” Ling He softly coughed, deciding to ignore the abnormality.

“You don’t need to worry about this. Yang Jian and the Howling Heaven Hound will take care of it,” Ji Fengyan said, pointing her chin towards the human figure off to the side.

The stiff and motionless Yang Jian suddenly knelt down, the unexpected movement startling Ling He to point where he directly leapt up.

“I obey,” Yang Jian said hoa.r.s.ely.

Ling He was completely stunned. It took until Yang Jian carried a large basket and left his line of sight with the Howling Heaven Hound before he could finally come back to his senses.

“M-m-my lady, that human figure…”Why was it able to move and speak?

Was it a ghost?!

“Calm down,” she said earnestly, patting Ling He’s shoulder. “You need to slowly get used to these type of things from now on.”

From now on?Ling He was completely dis...o...b..bulated.Was she saying that there would be more similar situations in the future?

He felt that it was very likely… that he wouldn’t be able to get used to it for quite a long time.

“Everything should be fine now. Big Brother He, if you don’t have anything to do then you should continue cultivating. I’ll be taking little Bai Ze out for a walk to help it digest its food,” she said cheerfully, hugging Bai Ze as she left.

Ling He’s expression was very conflicted. He couldn’t understand why his young lady called siting down and meditating “cultiv

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