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Chapter 64

Chapter 64 – Mining Tunnel

On the road, Ling He was a bit confused and was completely unaware of what Ji Fengyan was planing to do.

The carriage jolted. Not long after, it finally stopped next to the side of a mountain outside Ji City.

As everybody got off the carriage, Lei Xu looked at Ji Fengyan who stood behind the crowd. “Fengyan, the mountains here are quite steep, so you need to be careful of where you step.”

Ji Fengyan only smiled.

The majority of the mineral veins were at least halfway up the mountain. With a few of Ji City’s professional miners leading, everybody began their journey up the slopes. As for Ji Fengyan and her party, they lagged behind the rest with Ling He being extremely careful throughout the trip, deeply afraid that a ferocious beast of some sort would suddenly appear and attack Ji Fengyan.

Fortunately, the entire journey was rather peaceful. Pa.s.sing through thick forests and crossing over thin streams, the person in the lead finally stopped in front of a pitch-black tunnel. Also stopping, Lei Xu turned around and looked at Ji Fengyan who trailed behind the group. “Fengyan, here is the mineral vein that you wanted to see. There are also a few more in the neighbouring area, but you should look at this one first. If you don’t like it, then I can bring you to the others to take a look.”

Lei Xu seemed to be extremely enthusiastic, as if he really did want to bring Ji Fengyan around to look at the mineral veins.

Ji Fengyan glanced at Lei Xu and signalled Ling He behind her. Bringing over the torch that he had prepared early on, Ling He lit it and stepped into the mineral vein’s entrance first, using the torch to explore further in.

That tunnel was veiled in the deepest darkness, the small torch only able to light up the area in front of them. Seeming to have been quite old, the mineral vein was already full of the signs of having been mined. Even the wooden post supporting the top of the mining tunnel appeared a bit worn-out with all of the nails on it covered in rust. The entire area wafted with a strange scent.

Standing outside the tunnel, Ji Fengyan took a glance inside it. In other people’s eyes, that area seemed to only be covered in darkness, but not to her. Inside, she could vaguely make out the traces of a weak spiritual energy floating in the air.

“Qi, bring Young Lady Ji inside to take a look.” Lei Xu merrily smiled as he looked at the person responsible for the mineral vein.

That person named Qi complied, taking out a mining lamp and walked towards the tunnel’s entrance.

“By your leave.”

Ling He looked at Ji Fengyan. Lei Xu actually being this compliant really did exceed his expectations.

She nodded slightly at Ling He. Immediately, he pulled over several guards and followed by Ji Fengyan’s side as Qi brought them into the tunnel.

Seeing Ji Fengyan’s group get swallowed by the darkness as they went into the tunnel, Lei Min who had no

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