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Chapter 85

Chapter 85 – If Soldiers Come, Then the General Defends (2)

Outside the residence, tension rang in the air.

Lei Xu had brought along several hundred of Ji City’s officers and men to surround Ji Fengyan’s residence so tightly to the point where even water couldn’t leak out.

Around him stood several family leaders of Ji City’s large eminent families. Except for the soldiers that Lei Xu had brought with him, those family leaders had also brought along quite a few guards as well, ensuring that the s.p.a.cious entrance was completely surrounded. Without exception, all of those soldiers were fully armed. Some held sharp swords, while others held bows with their arrows nocked and ready to fire.

The citizens of Ji City that were pa.s.sing by the area was completely scared by the array of troops there. Many of them were both startled and puzzled, but only dared to hide off to the side and sneakily watch the approaching battle.

At the entrance of that dilapidated house, a dozen or so guards with Ling He as the head stood in front of the wide-opened gates in a solemn manner.

Their bodies were already covered with the grey armour that they had once worn on the battlefield. Such armour was far from being as beautiful as Lei Xu’s dark gold armour though, each one of them covered in many sc.r.a.pes and dents, the symbols of honour that had been left behind when they had faced off against the demons. After they had left the battlefield, they hadn’t thought that they would have had another opportunity to once again don the armour that they used to protect the country, but who would have thought…

What they faced today after forming up ranks and once again donning their armour was not the ruthless armies of the demons, rather it was the sharp blades of the soldiers of Ji City.

“Lei Xu, what are you doing?” Ling He asked, without a trace of respect, looking sharply at Lei Xu who was sitting on a large horse.

As Lei Xu sat on his horse with his chin arrogantly raised, he swept a disdainful glance over Ling He’s body, the depths of his eyes flas.h.i.+ng with both hatred and a sinister chill.

Lei Xu hadn’t forgotten that on that day it was Ling He who lead his men in beating Lei Min up to the point of serious injuries.

“What thing do you count as?! Actually daring to question our Honourable City Lord! If you’re sensible, then quickly screw off to the side and hand Ji Fengyan over.” A tall man who stood beside Lei Xu loudly rebuked. Like Ling He, he also shouldered a large heavy sword on his back, the aura radiating from him far stronger than the other soldiers.

“And what thing do you count as?! Is our Young Lady someone you can see as you please?!” Ling He returned without backing down.

“I am the number one swordsman under Sir Lei, Zhou Ji” The man who shouldered the heavy sword said arrogantly.

In this world, aside from the life exterminators, there were still other occupations. Knights, mages, p

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