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Chapter 66 – Just You Wait!

"What happened? Did you encounter something dangerous?" Seeing Ling He and the others dishevelled appearance, Lei Xu pretentiously took a step forward with a face full of regret.

"Ah, Fengyan. It isn't that I'm rebuking you, but as your elder and seeing you fool around like this, it really is hard to hold back from saying anything. Inside these mineral veins there are a lot of dangers and there is a constant threat of a cave in. Although you're curious, you still shouldn't gamble with your life like this. Even if you don't pity your guards, you should still take care of yourself at the very least." Lei Xu admonished, full of patience and sincerity.

However, to Ling He, it was obvious that this *** ** * ***** was speaking sarcastically, even to the extent of trying to test the limits of their relations.h.i.+p with their young lady.

Ling He was completely enraged.

Which one of those mineral veins that they had walked through was not abandoned?

Even if he was beaten to death, he still wouldn't believe that it was a coincidence!

"Sir Lei! Is this how you do things?! Are Ji City's mineral veins really that atrocious?!" As Ling He was speaking, he had already placed his hand on his heavy sword's hilt, his slightly reddened eyes revealing the rage he felt at that moment.

They were all soldiers who had fought on the battlefield before with a life exterminator and not one hadn't experience numerous b.l.o.o.d.y battles, crawling out from the corpses of the dead. Before, they had retracted their killing intent as they didn't want to cause problems for Ji Fengyan, but after being provoked by Lei Xu time and time again, Ling He already couldn't hold back anymore!

This time, even if the young lady blocked him, he would still give Lei Xu and the others something to look at!

Lei Xu also wasn't stupid. Seeing Ling He and those guards burning with killing intent, he narrowed his eyes, that smile of his fading by quite a bit and began speaking with a trace of helplessness. "These brothers, you're misunderstanding my intentions. While it's true that Ji City really does have a lot of mineral veins, but with the weather being so bad these last few days, many of them have already collapsed due to the violent wind and rain. As of now, these are the only mineral veins left in Ji City, not that I'm unwilling to bring Fengyan to look at the others."

After finis.h.i.+ng, Lei Xu turned towards those eminent family leaders. "Gentlemen, all of you are also people with power in our Ji City and thus should have heard the news as well. I'll have to trouble everyone to help validate my words."

Those family leaders all nodded their heads and agreed with Lei Xu's excuse without exception.

Ling He's face became even more unsightly. It was at this moment that he had finally realized why that old fox Lei Xu had brought along all of these people.

Every one of them had a certain amount of power in Ji Ci

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