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Chapter 74 – Prodding

Even the cunning Lei Xu was completely gripped by Ji Fengyan's threat!

Choose between your son or the mineral veins.

Lei Xu had been directly driven into a corner.

In this life, Lei Xu only had Lei Min, his only son. No matter how difficult it was to give in up, he would still give it all up.

"Fine, I'll bring you there." Lei Xu spat with gritted teeth, the eyes he looked at Ji Fengyan with appearing to drip blood in his hatred.

For the sake of quickly getting treatment for Lei Min, Lei Xu didn't dare to scheme anything in the least, ordering Qi and his group to lead the way, bringing Ji Fengyan to five exceptional mineral veins.

Directly until the sky completely darkened did Ji Fengyan finally and lackadaisically let go, happily announcing that they were returning.

Having received Ji Fengyan’s words, Lei Xu urgently brought Lei Min back to the city for treatment as she carefully memorized the positions of those several mineral veins.

Once they got back to Ji City, Lei Xu didn't say another word as he left with his people, his att.i.tude completely different from before.

"My lady, this Lei Xu truly isn't a good thing. We really should have dealt with him in the mountainside." Ling He said coldly, gazing at Lei Xu's back.

Ji Fengyan waved her hand. "The Heavens values all forms of life. Big Brother He, this world is so wonderful, why must you be so fiery? This isn't good, absolutely not good."

"……" Ling He was dumbfounded. He didn't feel as if he was the least bit fiery, instead his young lady… Before when she blasted things with her Five Lightning's Bombardment and when she blew up that tunnel's entrance, wouldn't that be called fiery?

He completely abandoned any attempts at trying to understand Ji Fengyan's thoughts, docilely following her back to the residence and awaited for her next step's arrangements.

Letting Ling He and the others go rest, Ji Fengyan conveniently make a trip to Liu Huo's room. The result? That kid unexpectedly still hadn't returned.

Ji Fengyan watched as the bright moon shone high above. Slightly lifting her brows, she took out a paper crane and imbued it with a bit of spirit energy. Suddenly, that paper crane which was made from folding paper flapped its wings as it slowly flew up and out of the house.

Seeing that paper crane fly further away, Ji Fengyan retrieved her gaze and looked at little Bai Ze who was splayed out on the bed in a dreamy slumber. Rubbing her chin in thought, she began to ruminate over those mineral veins that she had seen today.

Lei Xu had truly been concerned about his son's life or death and thus the grades of all of the mineral veins that he had brought Ji Fengyan to weren't bad. Even the entrance hadn't been blocked, which was quite convenient.

Tapping her finger's on the desk's surface, Ji Fengyan was thinking about how to bring all of the rare ores in those mineral veins back.

Speaking truthfully

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