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Chapter 61 – Flirting With a Boy

"Could you let go?" A voice abruptly asked from the edges of Ji Fengyan's ears.

Ji Fengyan returned to reality and looked at Liu Huo, who had a face full of helplessness. Her eyes slowly drifted towards both of their tightly intertwined hands…

Accurately speaking, it was Ji Fengyan's tightly unrelenting grip holding onto Liu Huo.

Since leaving the City Lord's Residence, Ji Fengyan had naturally held Liu Huo's hand just like that. On the road, she had been constantly speaking with Ling He, almost completely forgetting about it.

Seeing Liu Huo's speechless and stifled expression, Ji Fengyan felt it was quite interesting. Therefore, not only did she not release his hand, she instead grabbed it even more tightly. Lifting up her other hand, she pinched his chin. "Little Liu Huo, is this you being shy? However, you should get used to this type of thing, after all you are mine now."

"……" Liu Huo's entire body stiffened in place.

Ling He and the three guards with him could only silently pretend to have temporarily gone both deaf and blind.

They had never known that their young lady would unexpectedly have such a rascally side to her. After seeing how good Liu Huo looked, she actually teased him so audaciously.

Other people's guards were afraid that their white flower would be eaten by pigs.

However, for them, they could only watch wide-eyed as their white flower took the initiative and ate the pig…

Suddenly, they felt a bit guilty about Liu Huo's situation.

My lady!

Even if Liu Huo looked even better, he is also still just a half-grown child! Who knew if he was even younger then you by one or two years?! You can't be so ardent!

It was all thanks to Ji Fengyan's emaciated body that she looked even younger then she was in reality, otherwise that scene… They couldn't bear to think about it.

"Okay, enough. You must also be tired after today, so when we get back take a nice long rest to help your body." Ji Fengyan smiled.

Liu Huo was speechless as he looked at the rascally girl in front of him. He wasn't the least bit tired and hadn't even said anything the entire time, okay?

However, at this moment Ling He and the others really wanted to have lost their hearing.

Tired… Help your body…

My lady, shut up!

They were going to start having weird thoughts!

Everyone in the group had complicated moods. Only Ji Fengyan, though, was enjoying the spring scenery as she was puffed up with success.

Once they had returned to the residence, Ji Fengyan really did bring Liu Huo to the room where she normally refined medicinal pills. Seeing Liu Huo's complexion, she began to prepare the herbs, planning on refining a medicinal pill that was suited to Liu Huo's current situation.

At this moment, Ji Fengyan was at her calmest, her eyes steady. The frivolousness that normally resided in their depths had completely disappeared at this time.

Liu Huo, who

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