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Chapter 542: Aftermath

If Absolute Defense was the strongest shield, then what would happen if two of them collided?

Xiao Lin quickly got an answer. The two Absolute Defenses collided intensely, and their immense repelling forces battered against each other. The red and green lights intertwined. Even if it was not a direct collision of flesh, Xiao Lin still felt like he was right next to a tornado.

The power of the defensive law, or rather incomplete law that formed the shield, was great. The energy that emitted was even greater than his dragon soul sword.

The rumbling lasted for many minutes, until the last of Xiao Lin’s strength disappeared. He fell onto the ground heavily, his Ruin state already undone. He had expected that, but the exertion of his strength was much more than he had thought.

Xiao Lin’s initial plan was to still have some strength remaining after using Absolute Defense and losing his Ruin state; that was a conclusion he reached after using his Ruin state so many times.

However, now he was left powerless on the ground. Even moving a finger was as difficult as running a marathon. That shocking exertion did not come purely from Ruin.

Xiao Lin quickly understood why. He smiled bitterly; he was foiled by his lack of understanding of Absolute Defense, because after his Ruin state ended, his collision with the enemy did not end right there. The Absolute Defense that could only be maintained for three seconds resulted in a loop of energy thanks to the collision, and instead lasted for minutes, probably incurring a larger cost.

Xiao Lin was not in a bad state, but the elf was not better off than him. Her transformed state had been forcibly stopped and the dark treants had quickly wilted after losing her power. The woman lay down on the ground powerlessly. The only way she was better off than Xiao Lin was that she could still force herself to stand up. However, her clothes had all been blown off, but of course Xiao Lin was in no mood to enjoy the snow white skin that was exposed.

“You’ve still lost!” The woman’s face was fierce. “Asabanor was not wrong. You’re very special, and should be researched.”

The woman moved her right hand, and a green light flashed. There was a beautiful dagger in her hand which came from the spatial ring on her finger, she then swayed toward Xiao Lin.

Despite her exhaustion causing her to have difficulty even walking, she believed the final victory was hers. In terms of overall skill, she was still better than Xiao Lin, and she wore a satisfied smile.

Xiao Lin smiled as well. He struggled and raised his right hand, and his bloodied lips let out a cold and mocking smile.

‘You’re not the only one with a spatial ring!’

‘Come out, black knight!’

The woman’s expression suddenly changed. Xiao Lin rarely summoned his black knight, and had never done it when he faced Asabanor, so it was naturally not known to them.

“Since you’re familiar w

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