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Alien Arrival Chapter 1

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2045, June 8th,

Xuanzhou City, in the first examination room,

Bai Fan is sitting on a chair, Is dealing with the exam questions before him.

This is the last comprehensive subject, which covers more than 6 courses. The knowledge points involved in it are extremely extensive and recognized as the most difficult subject.

[Short Answer Question]

[Q: Why is 2040 the most important year in China and even the entire world? Please answer the question, according to their own ideas, make some brief specific descriptions, state their understanding, and not less than 500 words. 】


"It's just a small meaning!"

Bai Fan just glanced at the question casually, and his face was relaxed, not showing After a breath, he had the answer directly in his heart, because this kind of similar problem had already been calculated hundreds of times.

"hehe, the history, geography, politics, economy............ This Six Sect fuse together, finally turned into a comprehensive question, the teacher who gave the question can be regarded as having two brushes, it is estimated that it is those few It’s a bit."

"However, it still won’t bother me."


Bai Fan leaned down and held a A black pen, brushing on the title, as if flowing water.

[On January 1, 2040, due to some unknown space reasons, some Space Cracks appeared at the bottom of the entire Earth Sea with the Pacific Ocean as the center. Space Cracks expanded with the elapse of 10 days. Get up, but all countries don’t know. 】

【On the 11th day, the Labania oil team of country M took the lead in the west coast of the Pacific, 500 kilometers away from the coast, and fished out the first xenobeast corpse in the world. As soon as the news came out , Undoubtedly directly caused the uproar of the media of various countries, and then the official media of various countries announced their entry. ]

[However, in the process of passing a week, scientists from various countries have unanimously discovered an amazing fact, one by one Space Crack appeared at the bottom of the ocean, and in Space Crack’s Behind, connected to an unknown plane, on January 30, 2040, the first xenobeast named gluttonous landed on Earth. 】

【Because of the xenobeast in the space plane, it has strong destructive power and very high defensive power. Conventional weapons can't achieve the expected purpose at all, but only a short period of two months. , More than 20 countries along the Pacific coast encountered crises. Finally, in March, more than a dozen countries discussed at a meeting and formed the pan-Human Alliance, a global unified organization, and formed a new system. ]

[It is also this year that world learning has directly reformed. In order to survive for the best, various countries have basically put aside traditional cultural knowledge, and then turned to mathem

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