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Alien Arrival Chapter 3

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Ten minutes later,

Bai Fan returned to the bank of Shengyu Lake.

This community is a new type of community. Won a huge sum of money.

There is one thing to say,

Old Bai’s earning power is still remarkable.

He was born in grassroots and now runs a mecha accessories For small and micro enterprises, tens of millions of profits a year are not enough, but five-six hundred million is still very easy, and because it is a regulated industry, there is basically no disadvantage.


Now mecha is king,

Everything has to make way for mecha,

especially this kind of mecha All of the accessory companies in China are endorsed by local officials. The only requirement is to operate in a stable manner. Some other things do not need to be bothered at all. As long as there are obstacles, the end will be miserable.


Now the crises of the entire world are constantly coming.

Everything has to make way for mecha.

"Still fighting bravely, you are called a hero, looking up to chaos and fighting endlessly, looking back, you are at my side, repel the curse of fate, and make the story immortal..."

As soon as I opened the door,

Bai Fan, who was sitting on the sofa for a while, heard the phone ringing, and then he took out his own and turned it into P40,

"What's the matter, Old Bai? I just finished the test here!"

"Just finished the test? The last test is only 30 minutes away, and you are finished? I know you This kid will hand in the papers in advance. You and your mother always make me worry about it. How are you doing? Do you have confidence of more than 700 points?"

As the saying goes: nobody understands one's son better than his father ,

Although Bai Fan is a cheap son who crossed over, it is a bit strange. He has a very harmonious relationship with the father of this parallel world. While inheriting the memory of this side, he Like a real father and son, Bai Fan was just an orphan in the original world. Now he runs into a cheap father who cares about him, which is very cherished.

"700 points, steady!"

"Don't worry about me, I think you should worry about yourself now..."

Say it,

On the other side of the phone, a female voice rang. There is no doubt that it is the Queen Mother.

"Okay, Old Bai, what did you just say? What makes me look like your son? What do you mean for so many years? Are you fed up with me? Quickly give me an explanation. Be quicker, otherwise, just wait for me..."

"Ah, what, I didn't say it just now, my wife, you must have heard it wrong just now! I have been talking to My son is discussing scores.” Old Bai’s explanation seemed pale and weak at this time. Even after a phone call, Bai Fan could guess what his father looked like at this time. It was full of desire to survive.

He has become accustomed to the way his fath

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