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Alien Arrival Chapter 28

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"Number 008!"

Bai Fan looked at the number plate in his hand,

The color is basically the same as the color of Base 1, showing A deep, breathtaking black.

Suddenly, there is a heavy feeling.

It is marked with 008, which is about the length of a finger. It is square and cold to the touch. It has the texture of heavy metal, but it is not metal. It is very delicate. There is a pin at the back, which can be pinned to the left chest.

"It is estimated that 008, I have to be with me for a while."


Bai Fan followed his gaze and swept toward the other person’s chest ,

Wang Han is 009, this is already known, needless to say.

Hefei’s twin brothers, the big brother is 160, the younger brother is 168,

Lv Ping, the prodigal son of love, is 666, a very auspicious number,

Finally, there is another female student Jiang Ziyan, who is 999.

As for the others,

Bai Fan didn’t bother, just glanced at it a little,

The entire group continued to walk forward, and gradually began to rendezvous with other students. In less than a while, the original 9-person team became hundreds of people. In the end, it gathered into a large The team, exactly 1,000 people, stood in a densely packed group.

Cement platform,

There is still some distance from Base No. 1,


Fully half an hour After that,

the entire group was able to reach the gate of the base,

"True Qi faction!"

"Yes, this gate is simply amazing! "

"It would be great if you gave me a mobile phone. I will take a photo and share it on the Moyin app. It is estimated that it will increase hundreds of thousands of fans, so that my pocket money will be a lot more. "

"Take it down? Brother, don't you know the confidentiality regulations? Even if you dare to shoot this thing, Moyin will not dare to increase it for you. When the time comes, we will grab it together. "

"It's worthy of being Base 1. Only recently did this thing find out that we are too small."

"One of my dears, this building must have It’s more than 30 meters high. It looks like it’s hollowed out directly inside. Why is it used? I haven’t heard from someone in the family."

"I have to ask about this? Obviously it is For mecha, at least half of our entire team of thousands of students have mecha, but they are all small mechas, and the military standard mecha unable to compare."

"Small Mecha? That’s pretty good too. I only heard that this year’s college entrance examination champion used a small mecha to directly kill two E-rank xenobeasts in the inland areas, and also won hundreds of thousands of bonuses."

The students discuss spiritedly,

Some are surprised, some sigh, and some are shocked.

The first thing that catches your eye is a huge gate. The frame forms a door, about 30 meters high, like a big mountain, standing majesti

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