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Alien Arrival Chapter 31

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The personal terminal is a bit similar to a small mobile phone, about half the size of a palm, with a small display on it.

According to the description in the manual, each personal terminal corresponds to its own student ID. In the base of No. 1, you can communicate with each other if you know that the other party has learned well.

But whether it can succeed,

It depends on yourself and the other party.


Wang Han couldn't wait to open the terminal first,

Next, he looked at a red dot in the upper right corner, indicating that unknown In the letter, he was puzzled. After clicking on it to see the contents clearly, he said: "Scores!"

"What is this?"

"Why have I never heard of it? Isn't it a new thing?"

"Why is this mecha military training camp so weird?"


Lv Ping on the other side, without a word, clicked directly into the standings,

In the next second,

come cry out in Surprise: "Fuck! Look, our dormitory is on the top, it's still the first, male dormitory 117, what's the situation? But this number one is a bit too shabby, it's only 5 points."

A few people came closer,

Looking at the personal terminal in Lu Ping's hand,

This is a red background, and the black font is very obvious in comparison.

There are 20 bedrooms on page 1,

The first one is impressively 117, and there is a bedroom chief Bai Fan behind it.


The second is L101, which scored 5 points. It belongs to the girls' dormitory, and the head of the dormitory is Jiang Ziyan.

As for why, it is also 5 points.

117 is ranked first, no one knows this.

The third is the boys’ dormitory. 118, just opposite, Zhang Feng, the head of the dormitory.

On page 1, the points are barely positive,

But starting from page 2, they are negative. The most exaggerated one is the boys’ dormitory 101, which is directly at -10. , Became the last one, heaven knows what's going on?

At the same time,

There was a cry of exclamation from the dormitory outside. There is no doubt that they also found the standings.

"What's the situation, why is our dormitory on page 2?"

"Your dormitory is on page 2, that's not good? Look at us 111, directly In the last few pages, this time is over."

"Why? Why am I currently number one from the bottom? How is this explained?"

"Room 117, It was ranked first. How did this Bai Fan vote? Does anyone know? Hurry up and find out the details. There must be two brushes."

"My Wang Family, I actually got one. Fifth, as long as I go back, my Old Master must not break my legs. What's going on this year? I did some weird things, and let us clean up, which is nothing like what I said before. "


"Brother Bai, what's the matter?"

"Why do we get 5 points in the dormitory, just as Ranked number one?"

"This is simply moistur

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