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Alien Arrival Chapter 51

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Think of this,

Bai Fan has a name in his heart,


This is the only recognized Great Grandmaster level mecha manipulator in the world,

and the only person who can compete with S-Rank and xenobeast,

If you use super-beam nuclear bombs In terms of conversion, to put it simply, Kunlun can compete with H bombs and even super-beam H bombs while driving the mecha.

Of course,

This is the case of no hit,

If it hits, it is also under nuclear level. All living things are equal, there is no bells and whistles Even if the material can withstand the high temperature of hundreds of thousands of degrees, people can't hold on inside, and can only be burned to death forcibly, turning into a mass of black charcoal.

Wearing the mecha of today's modern industrial technology Peak, Kunlun's destructive power, if divinely assisted, is like a human-shaped nuclear bomb, it can be called a walking fort, which is undoubtedly very terrifying.

Time goes by a little bit,

Bai Fan continues to be immersed in the library,

The huge base library No. 1 is empty, only Bai Fan and Old man sitting at the door.

That's it,

By 2 pm,

Bai Fan has forgotten the time, and he didn't realize that it was time for class in the afternoon.

In the afternoon, the actual VRmecha practice.

The first 10 days are usually VR, and then mecha directly.


This thing also varies from person to person.

There is a mecha with controllable training in base 1,

but More is to control your own mecha,


In the complex building,

Wang Han stood in the crowd and looked left. Look right, the neck stretched like a giraffe.


"Where is Brother Bai?" He questioned, but the next second he thought of a very surprised possibility and exploded: "I Day, do you want to work so hard? Are you still in the library?"

As he said,

He directly dialed Bai Fan’s personal terminal phone,

"dīng líng líng......"

Bai Fan, who was in the process of searching for information, woke up directly,

As soon as it was switched on, Wang Han’s loud speaker sounded:

"Brother Bai, where are you? This is going to be a class. If you don't come here quickly, the instructor will call the name, hurry up, don't tell me, you are still in the library now."

"Oh...has class?" Bai Fan had some questions. He looked at the time and found that it was indeed 2:00, so he couldn't help but pat his head: "Fuck, why is it here so soon? Click it."

He shouted to the personal terminal: "I'll rush over right away. The library is not far from the place of class. Tell the instructor, I'm going to the bathroom, give me a cover ."

"My day, your livestock is really in the library? Brother Bai, if I go to the toilet wall, I will convince you. Why do you love studying so much? I didn’t have it when I g

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