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Alien Arrival Chapter 52

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The second mecha Legion, the third branch,

"The observing station report has been received."

"The No. 1 observing station, There are 500 sets of xenobeast signals!"

"Life wave source detection: E-rank xenobeast!"

"There are five minutes to arrive at the entrance of the magic city, and I will land soon..."

"Helicopters, please branch out immediately!"

The staff shouted into the headset with a serious face, and their faces were full of sternness.

On the one hand,

After receiving the order, the news was quickly reported to each level, first to the first Level 2 mecha Legion, then to the highest Gao Jun department, and finally to the hands of the highest tycoon in China.

The boss only made a appointee: "at all costs, to protect the personal safety and property safety of the citizens."

The third sub-group did not delay and immediately issued the order.

Let your own helicopter team take off first, and the 9th sub-group, the helicopter sub-group of the second mecha Legion, arrived at the same speed after receiving the order, but the distance was 100 kilometers apart. It takes time to rush over, even if it is full of fuel to open the fastest, it will take about 10 minutes.

The helicopter team of the 3rd sub-group consists of 5 C17 Wuzhi helicopters, which belong to the second echelon of China. Looking at it, they are all painted in green. Under the glimmer of light, tsk The tsk glows. Each helicopter carries five small air-to-surface missiles, 20 rockets and 50,000 aircraft cannons.

For E-rank xenobeast,

These firepower are still not enough.

However, the helicopter team is only for the purpose of delaying, not for complete elimination. The subsequent army regiments and artillery regiments will also move in at the same time, but don’t forget, at the monitoring station In the third division stationed nearby, there are still thousands of troops.

This is also a force that cannot be ignored.


Time moves forward one minute,

Madu enters the sea, 30 meters deep in the water,

In a corner no one knew about,

Suddenly, the water flow appeared back and forth, and then a halo appeared in the center of the water flow, inside was a deep black, as if even the rays of light were absorbed. As soon as the halo appeared, the nearby water seemed to rush into it crazily, but only part of it emerged, and it was suspended there, maintaining a mysterious balance between dynamic and static.


Lantern-sized bubbles popped out of it, just as the citizens on the sea saw it, like boiling water boiling, these bubbles crowded one by one. The scramble came out, and was accompanied by buzzing sounds.


In the next second, a xenobeast with a body length of about 5 meters came out of the halo. It looks a bit similar to the flag of the existing world. Fi

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