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Alien Arrival Chapter 35

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10 minutes,

After some strong wind scattering the last clouds,

The table has been swept away, worth 10 points Two portions of xenobeast meat did not even have a drop of oil left, and the clean plate could reflect light. When used as a mirror, it was sad to hear, and the person who smelled it was crying. Beggar did not dare to say that he could do something on it. eat.

Bai Fan has eaten 80% full,

The attribute of physical strength has risen by 0.05, which is almost negligible,

But right,

This thing is just like moving ants. It is an accumulated over a long period of time. Once the timeline is pulled up, the profit data of attribute points is still very impressive.

After all,

This can be said to be eating to increase the attribute point,

It is much simpler than completing the task or something.

Name: Bai Fan,

Age: 18,

Intelligence: 15,

Physical strength: 12【0.05】,


Strength: 14,

Skills: mecha research lv3, high level,

mecha fighting lv2, intermediate-level,

disposable attribute Points: 0,

Disposable skill points: 0,

This is the current data of Bai Fan,

In general, it’s not bad,

His current task is to complete these three main tasks.

Wait until these three tasks are completed,

Then his attribute is estimated to complete a leap.


Wang Han leaned on the chair and belched a full hiccup regardless of his image.

"Brother Bai, don't tell me, this xenobeast meat is really xenobeast meat, it tastes delicious, it is really exciting, when I have points, I will definitely come over and eat it every day." He didn't know Where did I make a small branch and I was flicking my teeth in my mouth.

Like Lu Ping on the side,

The two people met and smiled, showing a smile that only the two of them understand.


"And I can subtly feel that eating some xenobeast meat is very good for our body, although it is not comparable to alien crystals, but After all, there has been some improvement. No wonder the price is so expensive. All are paid with points. It is a pioneer."

The twin brother closed his eyes and seemed to be carefully feeling the feedback after eating. .

Here is enough to eat and drink,

After chatting for a while, I went directly to the dormitory.

The students on the side were greatly sighed. in relief,

What's a joke?

So fragrant xenobeast meat.

I'm right by my side, but I just can't eat it.

This is how much you suffer.

It is simply an invisible torture.

They have been carrying it for 10 minutes, so they almost got the drool down.

And all of them are in the heart secretly making up their minds and earning some points. After earning points, the first thing is to come to the cafeteria and eat two xenobeast meats.

Bai Fan, after using 5 points,

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