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Alien Arrival Chapter 65

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Fang Che and Ark also join the looting camp,

You won’t let me, I won’t let you.

You curse, I will reply, even you punch, I kick,

It’s a blissful fight,

Actually Well,

This thing is just like that. The unit price of 1,000 yuan is not worth mentioning. If you look at the value of the people present, this price is not worth mentioning. Take the most ordinary Bai Fan as an example. Although he didn't have much money, he couldn't hold back that there were strange crystals in his hands. It was ridiculously expensive. In his eyes, this strange fruit was nothing.

But, in the dormitory,

When there are more people, everything you eat is fragrant.

People seem to have this characteristic,


Whether it is the previous world or this world, it is the same.

Bai Fan leaned aside and talked with Wang Ziwen.

"Brother Bai, we will be stationed separately tomorrow, about 10 days, what do you think? The task at this time seems to be the most important. It is directly related to our personal assessment, and this is the task directly under Gao Jun." Wang Ziwen became mysterious and secretive: "It seems that the highest boss personally has the purpose. "

"Oh!" Bai Fan suddenly became interested: "The top boss still asks about this kind of thing, isn't it done by his subordinates? For example, Corps Head, it seems that things are not simple. However, this is the case. This year’s changes have been too great. I heard from Wang Han that many things that were not available this year in the past."

Nodded, which Wang Ziwen agrees with, said without any doubt: "It's really nothing. The method is that the pressure on xenobeast is too great, and the rapid growth of fresh blood must be maintained. This will make changes on a large scale. I guess it will become more common as it goes further."

"After all, the number of xenobeasts There are too many high-end battle strengths for the entire world. It can be said to be a devastating blow. It must be prevented and strengthened in advance."

"Don't talk about this, this thing We shouldn't care about it at the moment, let those Old Guy headaches go." Wang Ziwen waved his hand, and the style changed: "Any inside information? You seem to be close to some big guys in the base, how about? Do you know where to station? Tell me..."

He shook his head and looked unfathomable:

"Let me say, the stationing location must be good, otherwise this When the task is completed, it’s a waste of time and energy, don’t say it, don’t get to the end, if you don’t get anything, and you mess up your personal assessment, it’s miserable."

"I don’t know yet, maybe it will be tomorrow. It should be a unified notification." Bai Fan shook the head, saying that he didn’t know it,


A few people chatted for a while,

It was mentioned in the middle. Re

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