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Alien Arrival Chapter 71

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2nd day, 5 o’clock in the morning,

When it was just getting light, Bai Fan got up directly from the bed,

Lin platoon I said before that it was 5:30, but he couldn’t get up at 5:30, at least half an hour in advance, he had to get up in advance to study the route, or to watch some things, in general, it’s okay to get up and prepare more in advance. Incorrect.

A wash,

Bai Fan sits at the table and studies his garrison route.

It is 35 kilometers in total, divided into East Line 1 And West Line 1,

this time, Bai Fan will take his squad and start from East Line 1, which is more than 10 kilometers away. If you really calculate the distance according to the distance, the route is actually More than 40 kilometers, which also includes the largest repeat distance.


"Need, beware..."

Bai Fan pointed his finger at the map and pointed to a prominent place. Talking to himself,

At this time,

Squad’s Vice Captain also got up. Hearing Bai Fan’s self-talk, he quickly asked: "White Team, where do you need to beware? How did you judge it? Do you want to report to Battallion?"

Vice Captain is called Geng Zhong,

As always, as his name, his behavior is very good Straight,

If you put it in the hands of other commanders,

I would definitely not like this. For the most part, I like those who are easy to come by and can talk.


Bai Fan does the opposite. Don't say it, he likes to bring it like this.


There is no that many guts,

Strictly enforce it when you say a word,

This is the standard soldier!

His favorite soldier of Bai Fan!

Bai Fan took a look at Geng Zhong and had a good impression of him, so he spread out the map, pointed to a corner of Nanyi Lake and asked:

"Here, Where is it?"

"Eastern Sea corner of Nanyi Lake!" Geng Zhong was asked about unfathomable mystery,

"The last time I went to xenobeast in the inland area, it was from here It came out, and this place is close to Xuanzhou District. There is a small town nearby. The nearest county seat is only 20 kilometers away. There are millions of people entrenched here. If something happens here, the consequences will be disastrous."

Bai Fan’s little bit of in-depth,

The shock in Geng Zhong’s eyes, more and more appeared,

Not only did he look at his young Captain by two points,

Respect is respect, but,

There are unwritten regulations in the military, and you have to show your matching strength.

Others can only admire it,

Otherwise, everything is nonsense.

Bai Fan hasn’t finished yet, continue to speak:

"In addition, the place separated by two banks is on the other side of the southeast corner. There is a U-shaped opening on the terrain. That place is actually more dangerous because the manpower stationed here is quite low due to the cl

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