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Alien Arrival Chapter 55

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With a while The rapid sound of the helicopter,

The helicopter group finally arrived at the critical moment.

Immediately, dozens of red lights passed through the air, about two meters in length, which was a small The air-to-surface missile, dragged a long tail flame, whizzed away, wrapped in an imposing manner, and struck directly on the coast.

crash-bang ……

The fire is soaring, shrapnel is splashing everywhere,

The coastal defense line of about 2,000 meters, at this moment, was caught fire Sexual coverage bombing and strong shock waves created a vacuum in a part of the area. Hundreds of swordfish xenobeasts were reimbursed in the air on the spot, and quite a few were seriously injured.

"Continue to fire, don't stay..."

"Pour out all the firepower, fiercely hit..."

The second mecha Legion, The 9th Division Division Commander sat on the helicopter and commanded expressionlessly: "Keep on fighting, and shoot out all these damn beasts."


The scene just appeared again,

one minute, more than 200 small air-to-surface missiles and more than 500 rockets carried by 50 C17 Wuzhi, all poured out cleanly, and fell on the coastline. On,

There are potholes everywhere on the ground,

One swordfish xenobeast, turned into a scorched piece lying on the ground, let out a cry of grief,


The number of 500,

After one round of missile fire, only less than 200 remained.

Perhaps looking at it this way, the thermal weapons of the human world still have advantages.


Don’t forget,

This is just the lowest E-rank xenobeast. According to incomplete statistics, in the crevices of the ocean, In that unknown xenobeast plane, there are at least hundreds of millions of cannon fodder about this kind of cannon fodder, and even more...

This number,

It can be said to be Let all the big countries in the world despair,

And the level of xenobeast is C-Rank, the defense layer has undergone a completely different change, ordinary missiles are no longer effective, and they can’t penetrate the thick ones. The defensive layer, if it is an agile attribute, it is very difficult to aim and shoot, let alone hit.


This is only a partial advantage that's all,

Can't be true!


"Just fight fiercely!"

On the other side, the commander of the helicopter team, watching the swordfish xenobeast temporarily retreat , Suddenly called it really good, and then immediately reminded: "I am the group commander, please pay attention, let your helicopter fly a little higher, xenobeast will carry out suicide attacks, just like premeditated, don’t ignore it. , Our team has just scrapped three of them."

"Okay, the 9th sub-team has received it!"

The sub-team leader felt very surprised when he heard the news. But i

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