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Alien Arrival Chapter 64

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Singlely speaking of Jing Family,

Zhang Feng should be regarded as the first echelon of China,

The family naturally has their own methods of cultivating children.

The only problem facing Zhang Feng now is that he does not rely on family resources to strengthen his physical fitness, but wants to strengthen his physical fitness, except Except for the usual necessary exercises.

Different crystals are indispensable,

This is the main force of cash to strengthen the body,

Then the problem comes again.

If you want a different crystal, you have to think of a solution yourself. After all, the prerequisite is not to rely on the family, but on yourself.

This thing is a scarce resource. It can be said that there is a price but no market in the black market. You can have money, but you may not be able to buy this thing, and in case it gets caught by the military inspection department Caught, it was a shameful end.

If it is not impossible,

If there is a black market, Zhang Feng will not go,

In that way, the price is too low.

So far, Zhang Feng has experienced two different crystal strengthening, and the next is the third time. Three different crystals are needed. The strengthening of this time is very important to him in all aspects. The personal relationship that can be used has already been used, and this is the last one.


No way, Zhang Feng asked Bai Fan here.

"Really can't continue to discuss? The price can still be mentioned in the past." Zhang Feng finally struggled, trying his best to stay calm, and showed a smile that was uglier than crying.

"Please go back!"

"I believe what I just said, I have already said very clearly, I will not repeat the second time, if you want a different crystal, you can do it The difficult task that inspires you, isn't it going to be stationed tomorrow? You just need to complete a task beautifully, and the alien crystal will naturally be there." Bai Fan leaned aside and said calmly:

"Or , Take your money and go to the black market."

"I think the price of 6 million, plus your relationship, a D-class xenobeast is enough!"

Zhang Feng Gritting his teeth, thinking and thinking, there is no other way but to leave with a depressed expression.

He just left,

Wang Ziwen walked in, with a package in his hand,

Just walked in,

Wang Yiwen saw Zhang Feng walking away in a huff. He was completely confused. While putting down the things, he asked, "Brother Bai, what's wrong with Zhang Feng? I remember he looked down on you. Didn’t deal with them 117? Why did you get to 117?"


Bai Fan smiled slightly, curl one's lip: "Where is it? I came, he wanted the strange crystal in my hand."

Listen to this,

Wang Ziwen's complexion has changed, immediately without the slightest hesitation. Persuaded: "Brother

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