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Alien Arrival Chapter 109

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Time is gone by little by little,

In less than a while, the pointer points to 12 o'clock, and Bai Fan is still standing in front of the research room, splashing saliva Talking across, big drops of sweat fell on his head, he held a piece of chalk on his right hand, only a little pointed,

this posture,

It is clear that the writing is gone. The entire blackboard is densely packed. The entire design ideas and various formulas have been written, especially on the projection on the side.

If an average college graduate or even a master’s student comes over,

Well, good fellow, you can faint directly,

Because you can’t Understand, just like watching the Heavenly Book, Bai Fan also relies on his own IQ and system bonus to gain a deeper understanding.

The green camouflage top, under the influence of a lot of sweat, it directly turns into another dark green.

“So, based on the above... we can use this new design method... Add this new composite material... 60% material utilization can be achieved... ……Even on the basis of the present, it can be improved a bit. This is undoubtedly the greatest use and allocation of existing resources."

Bai Fan wrote the last formula in the last corner of the blackboard. , Turned around and said, the moment I finished writing, it could be said that my whole body was relaxed, as if I had put something down.


It’s very comfortable,

This kind of talking all the time, it’s really tiring,

It’s a very mental test,

"Pa pa pa......"

The voice fell, and there was enduring applause in the entire research room, and Old Zhao stood up and said excitedly: "Bai Fan, two hours I received a reply from the military department, and the design plan was approved. On the one hand, the leaders of the military department unanimously decided that the current mecha is no longer applicable and can no longer engage in new struggles with xenobeast."

" The design team is adopting new schemes all night long. I believe it will not be long before this kind of heart-shaped design scheme appears in the first and second mecha manufacturing plants. First, two new assembly lines will be put on the shelves for the new mecha construction."

"There is your part in it."

"By the way, when the time comes, the military will convert the corresponding technology into equity and count it on your head. , There shouldn’t be much time difference, when the time comes, the relevant team will come to you to sign, I will tell you in advance that I have a mental preparation."

Speaking of the last, Old Zhao said Bai Words that Fan hadn't thought of before.

In Bai Fan’s opinion,

I contributed these blueprints to the design. Well, it’s all for the country. Anyway, it’s useless to rot in my own hands. It’s better to do more. Contribute, make a contribution.

After all, I s

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