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Alien Arrival Chapter 111

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Base No. 1, Complex Building, the highest floor,

Bai Fan and Jiang Ziyan stood side by side outside the door, knocked on the door, and a loud voice rang straight out:

"Come in!"

"Bai Fan, Jiang Ziyan..."

Bai Fan pushed the door in, the first thing that caught your eye was sitting on the sofa Chief Zhang Zhengzhang on the side, with a black uniform and a slightly thick beard, shows such a serious and meticulous appearance, which is a bit similar to the dean of education when he was studying.

An old man sat next to Zhang Zheng, which surprised Bai Fan. With his white-haired face and his unique language, who could he be if he wasn't Old Feng? At this time, Old Feng was still holding a cup of tea in his hand. Looking at his sitting posture, he was obviously talking with Zhang Zheng just now.

No, I saw Bai Fan coming in.

The tea that was originally going to be poured is still hanging in the air, and immediately laughed and said:

"You Are you two back?"

"No, speak of the devil and he will appear. I was still talking about your two with your chief just now."

"Good job , Did not lose the face of our No. 1 base!"

"Accurately speaking, it is the business of outstanding students in this year. It is not only you two, but you two are too top performers. You guys pulled it here and said separately, yes, apart from this, and the kid from Zhang Family, he performed pretty well."

Old Feng said,

handle Put down the teapot inside, laughed and talked cordially,

and Zhang Zheng is back to his serious appearance,

"Zhang Family kid?" Bai Fan thought in the heart. I quickly passed it through my mind, and a name appeared on the paper, except for the slightly arrogant Zhang Feng, who else could there be?

Listen to Old Feng's tone,

He performed well on the battlefield, and should be second only to the two of them.

Take a thousand-year-old third!

Zhang Zheng said solemnly: "Bai Fan, Jiang Ziyan, come, you are welcome, sit down with me."

"Bai Fan, first of all, I want to praise you, do It’s really not bad. The last time the Nanyi Lake incident took place in xenobeast, it was indeed thanks to you that I noticed the space channel problem. Otherwise, if xenobeast were to land on land, the loss of our country would be great, which is simply unthinkable. "

"It is precisely because of this that your name has already been put on the top leadership. To put it simply, your current organizational relationship is already above, and even I am not qualified to be transferred. Haha, maybe you can push back for a few years, and you will do it side by side with me."

Zhang Zheng made a rare joke, and a smile appeared on his face:

"By the way, how is the body recovering?"

"I have been in the hospital for two weeks, is there a complete recovery?"

Bai Fan, Jiang Ziyan and

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