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Alien Arrival Chapter 115

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Lu Ping now belongs to the primary level Mecha Master,

Just passed the military assessment two days ago,

What kind of data is this? What?

To put it simply, under normal circumstances, he drives an elite military model, which belongs to the assembly line system, which can easily deal with E-rank xenobeast, but it is on the upswing. The level D of the noodles is very difficult. It can only be said to be reluctant. If there is a slight mistake, it is very possible to be reimbursed on the spot.

I want to go to another level,

Is the intermediate-level behind, which is the level of Bai Fan now.

Of course, according to Bai Fan’s neural response speed, it has already exceeded the scope of intermediate-level. The average intermediate-level Mecha Master is incomparable with him, but don’t forget what he drives. Black Demon mecha, you can easily kill two D-class xenobeasts.

"Another level, according to my judgment, at least ten pieces of D-class crystals are needed. Slowly through time, plus continued exercise, seven or eight months It should be almost the same. Now I don’t have so many D-level crystals in my hand, and some of them are given to Jiang Ziyan, so let’s go back, I will talk to the general manager and let him help with the exchange. The high-level crystals are useless for us. Yes."

Bai Fan thought about the inventory he had now, and replied like this.

Speaking of which, the conversion of different crystals is very complicated.

Counting from the bottom up, the conversion unit is getting bigger and bigger, showing a geometric growth,

To make a simple analogy,

A C-Rank alien crystal and D-grade alien crystal is the conversion unit of 20, that is, one is exchanged for 20,

A B-Rank alien crystal has reached 100.

It is a B-Rank alien crystal, which can be exchanged for 100 C-Rank.

Go up again,


A-Rank to B-Rank is even more terrifying 200, or even 300.

Moreover, there is still no seller to convert it.

As for the above, the statistical units of each country simply did not include S-Rank in the category, because what I don't know it, and it is impossible to judge the energy intensity in it.


The most preliminary estimate is that it will start at 1,000.

"Ten D-class crystals!"

" Groove...Bai brother...It's not worth 10 pieces if I sold it...I at first I just thought that five pieces would be fine. Who would have thought that the number would be twice as bad."

" The Old Master of this pit-grandson, while keeping on saying let me put up my physical fitness, he didn’t give me anything. Isn’t this asking a horse to run and not letting it eat grass? How can there be such a thing in the world? The matter..."

As soon as Lu Ping heard the number of 10 pieces,

Good guy, he almost blew it up on the spot,

10 D-class pieces Yijing,

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