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Alien Arrival Chapter 123

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"Brother Bai, come and continue drinking..."

"Don't...Don't go, where do you want to go? Let's continue!!!"

"Yes... By the way, I think today Bai... When Bai Ge was defending on the court, it was... It was really...very awesome, haha, that...then what... …So what...what two..."

Wang Han's face was flushed, and he was talking with a big tongue. The whole person swayed and almost fell, but he couldn't spit out the words when he came to his mouth.

"It's the concept of the second line of defense!" Lu Ping added on the side: "You silly critic..."

"Yes, Xiaopingzi is right, it's the second line of defense. The line of defense..."

"At that time, the professors’ eyes lit up, and they deserve to be Brother Bai!"

Wang Han heard the addition and immediately took the call, and at the same time A glass of wine was handed over again: "Come on, Brother Bai, toast you..."

Looking at the wine coming, Bai Fan's eyes were green, and a black line appeared on his head.

There is a saying, everyone on the field fills him,

From now on, I have filled half a box of red wine, two boxes of beer, plus 7 or 8 bottles of Moutai...

Even if it’s a kidney beaten by iron,

It won’t cover it...

I have been in the toilet more than a dozen times, and Little Brother almost broke it.

No, the time has been pulled to 11 o’clock, and this group of animals are taking turns in battle, after drinking and drinking, taking a rest for this, and making up for it, as if they were negotiated. , There is no end to the trend, anyway, it is to toast all the time, and poured Bai Fan after his life.

At this moment,

The phone ringing suddenly rang, Bai Fan lifted up the phone like a rescued star:

"Phone, phone!"

"Let me answer the call first..." Bai Fan pointed to the phone and pushed the glass over,

"Ok...Oh, brother Bai, hurry up...hurry up...Go Then, let's say yes, we must come back quickly, and we must not be deserters. Tonight, we must be drunk and never return." Wang Han said this **** with his small eyes blurred.

"Come back?"

"How is it possible?"

"Will you continue to be poached?" Bai Fan quickly walked aside and hid in a small corner to check Get up and show up,

Zhang Zheng, Chief Zhang!

It should be for the second line of defense,

Otherwise, I won’t call so late. Obviously this is Chief Zhang just returned.

As soon as the phone was connected,

Zhang Zhang’s loud voice rang: "Bai Fan, I heard that you put another satellite on your graduation practice thesis, and you put it back It’s not an ordinary satellite. Now the entire No. 1 base has been mobilized by you. It’s really amazing. I just came back, and my butt hadn’t gotten hot yet. I just listened to my secretary’s detailed explanation. The professors are all about this idea. Very respected."

Bai Fan said: "Where,

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