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Alien Arrival Chapter 152

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Name: Bai Fan,

Age: 18

Intelligence: 20

Physical strength: 50

Strength: 60

Nerve reflex: 215%. [2.5 times that of normal people]

Self-use skills:

[mecha research Lv3, high level 】

【mecha fighting Lv3, high level 】


Disposable attribute point: 0,

Disposable skill points: 0,

I saw, in a corner, Bai Fan was sitting on a chair, and his personal attribute interface was once again transformed in front of him.

The data below The presentation of one after another,

Compared with the previous,

The data is undoubtedly a change from Heaven and Earth turning upside down,

The previous system Reward, the remaining two C-Ranks are completely absorbed, and all the others are used.

Bai Fan plans to take a while to let the body fully consolidate the previous strengthening.

Absorb again!

haste brings no success! He still understands this truth.

"Now, if it is the cooperation of a few people from Squad, plus the Red Devils mecha, the gluttonous series mecha, maybe, I can really do it with B-Rank xenobeast A battle..." Bai Fan sat there, watching a few people cooperate with the training, inexplicably thought of this:

"But...this thing depends on the situation, just in case When encountering a powerful one, the entire squad has to be sent down, so how to choose a B-Rank xenobeast is a problem, and it is a very serious and cautious problem."

Bai Fan continues He said to himself, touched his chin, and didn’t even touch the fat house happy water on the side: “According to what I said, it’s better to have a bad B-Rank xenobeast. Let the several brothers practice their hands first. Then do a good job."

Thinking of this,

Bai Fan's heart is like fire scratching, itchy,

So, He directly took out his cell phone and sent a message to Gao Jun, asking if there was such an opportunity.

After all,

Now on the front line of the Great Wall of Life, xenobeast invades almost every day.

The scale is getting bigger and bigger, and the frequency is getting higher and higher.

Besides, the second line of defense in the inland area is the same. He received the news yesterday,


A group of C-Rank xenobeasts brought a group of D-class xenobeasts, the number reached 2000, and they swept crazy. Thanks to the frontline base listening to Bai Fan's words, they planned the water reconnaissance system in advance, and found out one step in advance, Responded calmly and minimized the damage.


At this time of war everywhere,

Find a B-Rank xenobeast that is injured, it’s not difficult to say, but it’s not easy to say .

It all depends on luck!

Editing the message, I only heard a buzz, and sent it over.

Bai Fan was about to get up. When he joined the training, the phone on the table rang. ,


"Why this time..."

Bai Fa

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