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Alien Arrival Chapter 174

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"Old Bai, where is it?"

"Why, why are all the door locks at home changed? The key in my hand simply cannot be opened , I was blocked outside. What happened? Why did you suddenly change the locks?"

Back home,

When Bai Fan was about to open the door, Suddenly I found an extremely embarrassing thing.

His key couldn't be inserted.

At first, he thought it was inserted upside down. It was just his own mistake, but he made a few mistakes. In the end, I opened my eyes wide, and I did it carefully. When it was still useless, he found that it was not the key problem, but the lock problem.

So he started the Grand Summoning Technique,

Directly dialed Old Bai's phone,

"Bai Fan, what's wrong? What... Are you back?"

When I received a call from Bai Fan, Old Bai at first’s tone was still hazy, as if he had just woken up, but it quickly returned to normal, as you can tell from the tone. After coming out, Old Bai was obviously very pleasantly surprised.

"How long can I stay here this time?"

"By the way, your school calendar doesn't seem to show that this period of time is off. Did you come back from a mission? What's the other situation? Listen to father’s advice, when you leave the mission, you must pay attention to safety and don’t rush forward."

"Since you’re back, don’t go out blindly. It’s been messy lately. Your mother will make something delicious for you."

"Oh, the key, I forgot to mention it. I will have someone give you the key right away. You didn’t arrive home early, which made us Did the two think the thieves came?"

"Later, I told your mother that, because of you, the family is now directly famous. Maybe there is something thief, so I changed A smart lock is added, and the protection is a little stronger. Now you have not added your image, you can only open the lock mechanically."

"Don’t worry, it will be delivered in 10 minutes."


“I’ve been too noisy here. I’ve been supervising the production of mecha parts. About a week ago, a batch of tasks were issued on it and we directly changed our production line to a new batch. There is no way, you have to cooperate with the country. This is a must."

As soon as the call is connected, a crackle rang on the other side, which is similar to the sound of mecha crashes and collisions, and many people call out loudly. While discussing the work, Old Bai’s voice is mixed in it, like Ye Pianzhou, Bai Fan can only listen vaguely, and roughly judge, because the noise on the other side is very loud, obviously the mecha parts are working hard. Make.

"Where is Mother, why is she not at home?"

Bai Fan continued to ask,

"She, in the factory, the past In a few days, your mother and I slept in the factory. The tasks above were tightly assigned. For the first time, three shifts were used, and people were sent to focus on suc

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