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Alien Arrival Chapter 200

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"Joint exercises?"

"And are the three services arms?"

Hearing this term, Jiang Ziyan’s pretty face appeared A more surprised expression, a little surprised, but also a little bit puzzled. Relatively, it was a little more confused.

Military exercises, this thing,

It seems that there was only a normal era 5 years ago, because at that time trade and friction between countries were often for some kind of Disputes are deterred for a certain kind of demonstration, but the war cannot be fought, because once a war starts between a big country and a big country, it will pull the world into the water. This is very unworthy. Therefore, some military exercises will be conducted regularly. However, All this basically ceased to exist after the xenobeast invaded.

In the first two years,

The whole world, including the five major military powers, had a very difficult life, not to mention the small countries below. A considerable number of small countries The country was wiped out in the first year of the xenobeast invasion. At that time, all kinds of materials, such as cannonballs, materials, mecha, and gunpowder, were extremely lacking, and they were not enough to use them. Where can I find idle things? Used as a drill?


Military exercises, military demonstrations, the emphasis is on two-character exercises. Therefore, before this, there must be a target as a target for all arms to attack. target.

is it possible that, let xenobeast act with us?

What are you kidding?

We do, but xenobeast is not yet willing.

At the very least, in Jiang Ziyan’s knowledge system, during the five-year xenobeast invasion,

He doesn’t know which military exercise in China,

Even the whole world seems to have no such precedent!

This time, is China the first time in the whole world?


"It is indeed a drill, it sounds very fresh, is it unprecedented, unheard-of, look, the order came only this morning."

Gao Jun haha ​​smiled and handed over a document. The header of the document was white and red, which is the legendary red-headed document: "When I first saw the joint exercise of the three services, I myself I was shocked. I thought it was the xenobeast era. What kind of drills did I do? I was so scared that I called old fogey quickly, and it turned out to be true, and gave me a scolding, so that I could prepare well! "

"Let’s talk about it, the preparation time is one week, and the next Monday will start on time. You can say that you are just in time when you took office at this time. Therefore, your command tasks are very heavy and very heavy. You have to be familiar with and manipulate it in a week, and you must get a good result in the joint military exercise. It must not be ashamed."

"Don't worry, Brother Gao, promise to complete the task! I do what you do. Don’t wo

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