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Alien Arrival Chapter 204

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"Brother Bai, this... really doesn’t leave anything behind. It’s a 999 crit, a punch that hits it directly, and when it’s eliminated, it hits them directly until they doubt their lives. It is estimated that the remaining three team members are just in a daze. Looking at Baiye Captain above, I have an incredible expression on his face, and I almost dropped my eyes."

Tang Tang leaned on Wang Ziwen, pointed to a few people in the field, looked at them with some awkward expressions, and said some funny:

Wang Ziwen took the words:

"That's for sure!"

"The new officer took office with three fires. Brother Bai came to take office. I originally thought that nothing would happen, but you have also seen it. A few people jumped out directly and acted as a target."

"So Bai didn't have to clean up the people below, how to lead them, and if there were any orders from above, they would come to an outward devotion but Inner opposition, listen to the east or not to the west. If this is the most taboo existence on the battlefield, going to a military court will be trivial. If things are delayed, the consequences will be disastrous."

"They don’t think Isn't Bai brother worthy of that position? Shouldn't he be in that position? So Bai Fan is now forcibly fighting until they serve. After all, this is in the army. Basically everyone can't escape worshiping the powerhouse. It will be over naturally, which is just a waste of time."

Speaking of which,

Wang Ziwen's eyes came to Bai Ye, with a hint of teasing. :

"Fortunately, Bai Ye, the Captain, is a smart man and very upright. There is no that many guts, at first. It’s not good to say that I thought he was the leader. It’s just that the people below have spoken it out."

"But later, I was a bit surprised and rejected it. In fact, according to my analysis, he is a bit straight and has a strong axis. , The above order is what he ordered. If it were me, I should have worked around it at the beginning. Talk to the people below a little bit and do some guidance in advance. In this way, this situation will not happen today."

At this time, through face-to-face observation and analysis, Bai Fan's punch just now,

Bai Ye was also very shocked!

The small eyes are greatly shocked.

He had often discussed with Fang Wu and knew the formidable power of this move.

Know that,

Fangwu was born in an Aristocratic Family,

Although his talent is not very good, it is not comparable to his brothers, but I learned a little bit of the essence of thong-arm boxing, but then again, this is not what ordinary people can compare.

It is this essence that made him step into the level of intermediate-level Mecha Master. Now he, coupled with the physical quality of that intermediate-level Mecha Master, burst out, even if he It is also difficult to resist. In the past,

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