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Alien Arrival Chapter 222

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"Qingyue, let's open the bow left and right together, and beat this Wang Ziwen down."

Yang Huan and Qingyue, who are about to come to support, Didn't expect to take two steps before being directly stopped by Wang Ziwen who rushed over. At this moment, the route they both took was blocked, not to mention that the area they originally took was a corner, so there was no other route. ,

There are only two ways,

Either go back or start a fight!

There is no choice!

"Come on!"

"You two, let me try the trick. It's been two days since the fifth base, I don't know what pain is. Well, or can you two teach me?"

36 Stratagems, the heart is the best!

Speaking of Wang Ziwen, in fact, his strength is similar to that of Yang Huanqingyue on the opposite side.

To be honest, if it is delayed, follow the normal operation and perform the meet force with force. He can't delay it for long alone, unless he pays the price of his own injury to further delay.


Wang Ziwen especially likes to play psychological warfare, but he is completely different from Wang Han’s curse.

There are certain skills in it. ,

In Huaqing University, Wang Ziwen deliberately minored in battlefield psychology. The original intention of this subject was to focus on xenobeast and to figure out the psychology of xenobeast, so as to make advance judgments, but there are also Part of it can be applied to the crowd. Anyway, they are all different routes to the same destination, but there are some differences that's all.

"Hehe, you just want to stop the two of us. Let's dream..."

"Within 15 seconds, you absolutely lie on the ground."

Yang Huan spoke in a cold voice,

While speaking, he rushed up with a straight stride, the moment the tone barely fell, his right fist stretched out, Wang Ziwen eyes shrank, quickly dodged, dangerous It was dangerous, and he wiped his ears and hit him.

"pu 呲………"

The fist brought up fist strength, and Wang Ziwen's ears hurt when he was scraped.

"it's impolite not to make a return for what one receives …”

Wang Ziwen stopped with his right foot, and quickly pulled up his left foot from bottom to top, and kicked it violently towards the place where Yang Huan stood. No matter how much strength she received, Yang Huan would definitely fall to the ground, because she was still in the air and was about to touch the ground, which was very unstable in the center.

"Good move!"


Yang Huan looked at Wang Ziwen's movements, and his eyes lit up, accompanied by a shout Qingyue, who was staying next to him, had already waited for a long time, and he was also outrageously attacking,

have a look of help!

A pair of show punches, take Wang Ziwen's right leg straight, his thoughts are exactly the same as Wang Ziwen,

beat his center of gravity!


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