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Alien Arrival Chapter 226

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In the evening,

After a simple dinner, Gao Jun returned to the office. He spent the entire afternoon watching Bai Fan’s training. A lot of documents, these documents are more important, especially at the threshold of the upcoming joint military exercise, it is not sloppy and impossible to handle overnight.

Then I have to work overtime at night!


In the entire office, there is a lamp on,

Gao Jun is lying there at his desk, constantly reading Reading various documents, shaking his pen from time to time,

It’s been a while,

It’s about 9:00,

He took a sigh of relief, leaned back on the chair, and stood up again, doing a few simple stretching exercises in the office. Before, he was a front-line worker, the head of the helicopter branch, and he would often personally On the first-line battlefield, for example, his acquaintance with Bai Fan was met on the first-line battlefield.

However, with the takeover of Base No. 5,

His work basically faded out of the front line and began to deal with management affairs.

No, as time goes on, the physical fitness will relax a little bit.

During the activity,

He held his waist and felt a little bit emotional Said: "Ai, I didn’t exercise for a week, so my physical fitness went down. I really exercise like like rowing a boat upstream, if you stop moving forward you fall back."

"My old waist Ah!"

Thinking of this,

He suddenly stopped his movements and came to the table with a looking thoughtful look on his face. After thinking for a while, he still pulled up I dialed the secret line on the table and dialed a number:

"Hello, please show your ID and relevant information!"

In less than three seconds,

The other end of the phone is connected, and a cold icy voice rang,

Gao Jun knows that this is artificial intelligence, and is performing automatic feedback, which is also one of the screening checks. Continue "I’m Gao Jun, the commander of the fifth branch of the third mecha Legion, the commander of the fifth base, help me pick up Kunshan, it’s the old friend who came to see him, some Discuss the matter."

"Passed the test, the third mecha Legion, Gao Jun!"

"We are transferring for you..."

For a while The busy sound rang,

Gao Jun at a moderate pace is waiting, because he knows this is not in a hurry,

It will take 5 minutes at least,

This is already the fastest and fastest!

If you are unlucky, it is possible to wait for half an hour,

There is no way!

Who let him break into the unit, the level of confidentiality is too high!

But this time his luck was pretty good. About the 6th minute, there was a voice on the other side of the phone,

"Hey, soldier, rare guest, what? Remember to call me? I guess it must be one doesn't visit a temple without a cause, you brat must have e

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