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Alien Arrival Chapter 221

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"Sister Qing, it's amazing!"

Fang Station is on the side, and I saw the wonderful scene just now. I couldn't help but spit out cry out in surprise, his face flushed with excitement, like a shy little child, he said while waving his hands vigorously:

"this move on Yes, that's just the right time. It's exactly the same as what Bai Ge said at the beginning. Insert it at the right point and do some suitable things. It's just holding it firmly. I really don't know Sister Qing. How did you do it!"

"Using mental arithmetic and unintentionally, I directly beat the unprepared chapters to the ground, haha, it is estimated that he will be depressed directly at this moment, all are intermediate-level Mecha Master, was beaten down on his knees directly, facing a lesbian, I guess he couldn't hold his face anymore."

Bai Fan At this time,

Standing at the bottom left of the ring Kok also witnessed the scene just now.

Indeed, he was also amazed!

Cooperative training is an outline drawn by him. That's right!

Related follow-up training, this is also true!

However, with the passage of time, the original God-study team has gradually pulled out of the original cooperative training framework and derives its own combat mode. To put it simply That is, the student surpasses the master, compared with the original, become even better.

This is also the purpose of Bai Fan at first, the idea of ​​at first,

A qualified Mecha Master, to be more serious, you must have your own fighting style, or It's your own combat rhythm, because that's an indispensable part in terms of cooperation and single-handed combat.

"Well, Bai Fan, you really gave me a big surprise!"

"Really good, very good..."

"I’ve been in the industry for so many years, and it’s the first time I have seen such a co-ordination and a tacit understanding. Oh... No, it’s the first time here. Strictly speaking, it’s the first mecha Legion to see the last time. Remove the group that arrived. Although I think your group is already very good, it is still inferior to that one. We cannot be arrogant or lie."

"But again, I now feel that your team has a rudimentary form of that unit, and even I think that in some respects you are stronger than him. I always feel that your team is better than him. In the group, there are some things that other groups don’t have, but I can’t tell you the specifics. It’s similar to the one that can only be understood and cannot be explained."

Gao Jun didn’t know when he came over. , He stood next to Bai Fan, and said coldly,

Bai Fan was a little frightened at first. After seeing Gao Jun, he immediately showed a smile, patted Gao Jun's shoulder: " Brother Gao, you are unconscious and a little scary. Come and watch, why don’t you notify me in advance?"

"Notify in advance? Why do you notify in adv

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