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Alien Arrival Chapter 229

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In the next week, Bai Fan followed the outline and carried out coordination training step by step. Everything was performed in an orderly manner, and everyone's physical fitness and coordination were in the step With the promotion of by step, naked eye can see the same day, exactly the same as before.

The only difference is that,

On the night of the fourth day, with base No. 5 as the center, the area on the fifteenth kilometer to the right, there was a group of up to one hundred. Xenobeast, however, one of the most fortunate things is that their level is not very high, and they are completely within the range of the base.

A glance at the past, all of them are C-Rank xenobeast, rushing to the Great Wall of Life. The most important thing is that they are the same as the previous two groups. There is no High Rank xenobeast behind it, which belongs to a separate group.

This phenomenon occurs once, Bai Fan can still understand that it is an occasional situation, but with this time, it is already the second time. Once something happens twice, it means that basically There is no chance anymore, which makes Bai Fan very puzzled.

Before the appearance of C-Rank, B-Rank xenobeast was carried on the back.

This is a bit like a human world’s adults and children, and the strong ones bring some weak ones. ,

But what happened to the xenobeast group this moment?

Why is there always a one-to-one situation? Is this something unknown happened?

Although Bai Fan and the senior management of Base 5 do not understand,

But for this reason, the entire Base 5 has further increased its alertness. On one side, night patrols have been added from 7:00 to 10.00 in the evening. On the other side, helicopter cruises have been added. UAV inspections are even more continuous 24 hours a day. To put it simply, everyone is on the original basis. Continue to be tired.

In addition, after a week of cooperative training,

Apart from Bai Fan, the original Xueshen team and the 5 people from Base 5 have begun to slowly integrate.

Because of the previous mutual attacks and confrontations,

Between each other desperately to get acquainted, naturally there is a foundation,

So, the final cooperative training results, as Bai Fan expected, progressed very quickly,

Especially the addition of the high level Mecha Master Baiye,

After he joins, he can act as the second attacker of the entire team, turning into a second sharp knife, completely like a tiger that has grown wings, which perfectly solves the problem of insufficient attack power of the entire team,

After all,

The sharp knife of Bai Fan may not always work.

In case, if he is dragged by some High Rank xenobeast , It will fail.

The entire team will lose the core attack power!

This is undoubtedly a very dangerous thing!


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