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Alien Arrival Chapter 246

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"Not bad!"

"Very good!"

"The cooperation between their teams is comparable to First Layer The second mecha has been divided into groups. I didn’t even notice that it was only half a year old. Bai Fan, the kid, has something to do. He has a good idea in everything." In the highest command, Tang Zheng happily said So, just now, Wang Han was at the crucial moment, and he also sweated for it, but the subsequent progress was so dramatic and surprising. It came from Gao Jun, who was personally controlled by a helicopter, directly hitting him. After a shot, the crescent beast was killed on the spot.

It can also be said that he played well and played very well.

"This Gao Jun has several points of his demeanor. He is meticulous and prudent in everything he does. It can be regarded as a tiger father will not beget a dog son."

Tang Zheng continued to adjust his gaze to other areas, remembering some of Gao Jun's previous situation, and joking thoughtfully: "Before, when Gao Zhi reported the situation, he was busy and still told me some things about Gao Jun. It can be regarded as a complaint, saying that Gao Jun is not willing to be transferred to the rear base commander. He only wants to fight on the front line personally. He does not have the innate talent of the command base. In other words, Gao Jun does not want to be stable. Stay in the base to deal with affairs."

"But what is going on now, only half a year has passed, and it hasn't performed very well! The command is completely motionless, smooth, without any omissions, and he Lao Tzu is almost exactly the same. Where is there no innate talent like what he said?"

"Even on the basis of the original, he boldly innovated, and what a gluttonous flesh and blood plan he did, he asked for it directly. With a funding of 100 million yuan, he personally lobbyed the military department. Besides, no matter what the plan was, this proved his initiative and he began to actively think about problems."

"From a certain point of view. Said, it is also the student surpasses the master, and there is nothing unfamiliar in the front-line battle. He is an all-rounder. It can be seen that he always spares time to practice, and he deserves to be the leader of the new generation."

"In this way... we have a successor in China, and the pillars are emerging in endlessly, to connect my Chinese bloodline with a powerful stick."

Speaking of last,

Tang Zheng couldn't help sighing with emotion.

The chief of staff on the side was moved. He also thought of a piece. He touched his chin and said:


"Especially in the past two years, the overall situation has gradually improved, unlike the first one or two years, which is simply groping in the dark days. However, I don’t know how many comrades have sacrificed, and I don’t know how many families have collapsed...

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