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Alien Arrival Chapter 237

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Bai Fan looked at it and his face showed a burst of joy,

It worked!

So, continue to shout: "Continue!"

"According to the predetermined target point attack, the second batch of firepower weapons will be thrown up for me."

"I want this reef to collapse in one minute and bury all the xenobeast inside."

"Good!" Wang Han said happily, "Brother Bai, Don’t worry, look at me."

The voice fell,

I saw that Wang Han, who was hiding next to a huge water plant, controlled Mecha to walk aside, and continued to move the missile towards the side. The extension of the downward direction revealed dozens of cavities. Then, the black mecha torpedoes were exposed one by one. Under Wang Han's burst of laughter, he directly pressed the launch button.

While launching,

Wang Han controls mecha, turning left and right, as if adjusting something,

It looks very funny Funny,

"Look at me, the mecha torpedo is greedy for snakes..."

Wang Han looked at the masterpiece in front of him and laughed.


Thirty mecha torpedoes filed out, one after another, dragging back and forth for a hundred meters. It was originally a curvilinear attack. Range, but under Wang Han’s operation, it formed a torpedo successive attack point, like a long dragon. The purpose of this is to perfectly attack a point, break the supporting area of ​​the reef system, and let you stay inside. Xenobeast has nowhere to hide.




Huge torpedoes turned into one by one Fireball, rising from the bottom of the water, a huge explosion, further destroying the huge reef, naked eye visible began to collapse, the original 150-meter hollow area, further extended to both sides, in which the terrifying high temperature, even the surrounding A piece of sea boiled directly, and blisters on the sea continued to rise, like boiled plain water.

"Good job!"

"Wang Han, this guy...finally did a business!"

Lu Ping took a look. I commented, and then, the slightest not to be outdone: "I'm coming too!"

"haha, damn xenobeast, now it's your turn!"

" Die to grandfather!"

while speaking,

Twenty mecha torpedoes also filed out, continuing to connect with Wang Han’s attacking rhythm,

The hit again is in the area just now!



Under the blow of one after another,

Located in the lower left corner of the reef, as the part of the support area, it is finally overwhelmed.

With a bang, the limbs shattered and turned into small rocks, cracking towards both sides , Smashed on the seabed, and lifted up one after another. The originally calm sea seemed to be in a sandstorm area for an instant.




One by one xenobeast, filed And out,

is frantically surrounding the reef, swimming continuously,

First of al

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